External Conflict For Lennie essay example

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Physical Description In this novel the character Lennie Small is a huge man, shapeless of face, large pale eyes, wide sloping shoulders, walked heavily, dragged his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws, and he didn't swing his arms, but hung loosely. Character traits- Lennie Lennie is a very childish person. When a child really wants something they will bagged on tell they get what they want. This is exactly the way that Lennie repeditly does to George throughout the novel. When something comes up out if the blue Lennie has a really hard time trying to solve any problems so he always looks for George to answer for him. Lennie's not the type of guy that you would call smart.

When he was younger a horse kicked him, which has caused him to be this way. But on the other hand his is like a big teddy bear, and a dam good worker. Lennie is a calm character he's not prone to violence. When Lennie was in a fight with Curly he didn't want to hit Curly back. In fact he wasn't going to his Curly back on tell George told him, this shows he's a very honourable person and trust worthy of George. Lennie's is always asking George to tell him stories about the past, present and future.

Lennie loves the story about the ranch the most because he will be able to tend the rabbits on the ranch. Lennie doesn't seem to realize how strong he is because when he catches the mice he always holds them to tight, or when he was petting the little puppy that slim gave to him, he thought that the puppy was going to bit him so he slapped it out of reflex and killed it by accident. Lennie has a really hard time remembering everything that goes on or what he does. But for some reason he remembers every little thing that George tells him. This Character loves animals, we learn this throughout the hole novel, he's always finding some little creature to play with. Along with that he loves anything that is really soft, like hair or velvet.

Conflicts: External And Internal-Lennie Internal: An internal conflict for Lennie is a while back when Lennie and George worked in Weed on a ranch. Lennie was accused for attempting to rape a girl. What had happened was Lennie seen this young girl's dress, he thought is was nice and he wanted to touch it and to see what it felt like. This girl had know idea of what he was trying to do so she yelled and it freighted him causing him to grab harder and wouldn't let go". I don't want no trouble, I never done nothing to him' " (Steinbeck 29). Lennie knew if Curly hit him he might react in the wrong way, like he has done in the past.

Lennie doesn't trust himself. External: An external conflict for Lennie is against Curly's wife. Curly's wife was very impressed that Lennie was able to stand up to Curly. Curly's wife called Lennie a machine because when the guy's told her that Curly got his hand caught in a machine, and then seen Lennie face she put two and two together. She came to see Lennie when the other guys where busy playing horseshoes. Curly's wife didn't understand Lennie's problems.

He loved mice but held them to tight and killed them, he loved petting his puppy that was given to him but killed him when he thought it was going to bit him, and he loved stroking her hair. When Lennie was messing up her hair from stroking it to hard she got upset and started screaming like the girl in Weed. When she wouldn't stop Lennie got scared that he was going to get into trouble with George so he grabbed her and tried to get her to be quite, but held her the wrong way and put his hand over her mouth and snapped her neck like a twig by mistake. The external conflict is between Lennie simple ness and Curly wife's desire to have someone to talk to.