We are now at an era of extreme sports. It has come to the forefront and will soon surpass any of the major sports that are now nationally telecaster in the US. This has all been brought upon the younger generation, which has now a greater influence on our national economy. The extreme sports that have become this new phenomenon are skateboarding, motorcycle jumps, bicycle tricks, and many more. This has brought about many small companies to the head of big businesses. A lot of this interest has come because of the danger of each sport.

These individuals have all gone through much trauma, physically, to reach the level of competitiveness that is to be reached at the professional level. From broken bones to massive conclusions, many have fallen to the rigors of the sport. Amazingly enough it does not stop them from doing what they love. Most people consider these "athletes" as deranged individuals who just have the guts, not skills, to perform these so called activities in their sport.

I would say that it all depends on the sport. Skateboarding does take a lot of technique and a lot of practice to master. Many of the athletes have been skating since they were all little kids, so it's a life long journey to reach the pro level. Now I think the motorcycle jumpers dont need much skill to perform such amazing looking feet's. It's all machine powered and muscle drawn.

In conclusion, look for these extreme sports to be creating a bigger force in the years to come as the young adults of yesterday become adults of tomorrow.