10/001. Turn on PC and RMS appears Will use 1, 4, 5 6, 8, 9 A on menu 2. Hit 4 for Transcription 3.5 Edit Header / Report 4. Report Look Up 5. Use Sequence # from written report 6. Exam Date - always use report date and make sure it matches 7.

Seq # 8. F 1 Enter Status D = date dictated T = date typed N = New To use Dictophone: Log on by hitting System Access Twice (may want to use Cody and my code is 086999) Use # 1 to select by Report Pre 3 by Subject # - (number under pt's name) may have to key it to dictaphone more than once - may need to use a 8 before number on paper Put in number and hit the # sign Put in transcription time in military time - jot down on report from taped message Put in auth # from phone scr nEnter dictated timeMD's Hospital Computer numbers: 00 -- -- 2 lead zeros and then 4 digits and justified to the left On PC: F 9 to enter W / P (word processing section) Report design: Use ZN) normal S) specific use N unless some thing additional written in by RadiologistF 3 and F 4 to view and move back and forth between headers Some Radiologists give the date and some don't - -HAVE TO HAVE A DATE - IF THEY DON'T GIVE ONE, USE DATE ON WRITTEN REPORT Can go back and review sheet when done and for Mammograms, put in data from written additional sheet (Radiologist Findings) F 1 first Enter T for transcription menu Choose breast Catagories (Radiologist Findings) If no answer to a section, hit Escape to go past it If answer, fill in, hit enter and then F 1 to Save Press Escape to bring back to beginning screen If Reason for Exam noted, to back to Pt. System - into Pt Information; Enter Pt's number, F 1 Begin Search, Find Visits ALT H, Find Visit and Enter; Alt M -- Mammographic Software - Reasons check whatever is checked, F 1 to save, if problem indicated, Sign OFF Dictophone when finished / Sign off PC software at Transcription Menu (1 Sign Off) TO PRINT REPORTS In Transcription Menu Go to Sign Off By Radiologist Find reports by Radiologist F 2 to pull up everything for RadiologistF 1 to select Print When you do this, it prints all for all transciptionistsSHORT CUT KEYS: IMPRESSION Hit Alt IF 1 SAVE ACR Code: Hit Alt 9 Find Visit Alt HMammagraphic system Alt MAlt C Clinical History Correct all misspellings found If note to fax, enter fax number on header screen, Only answer Fax as Y is you know fax number of MD office in system already; if you don't know, answer N, enter Fax # as 9,776-6176 or if long distance enter as 9, 9197766176 AND put it in comments to Fax Inpatient O Outpatient E Emergency Room On weekends, key all I and E's firstRadiologistsDr. Michelle Rogerson Password: M RDr. Gant Password: CBG Dr Dack o Password: DMD Dr. John Robertson Password: TPR Time sheets dur q Monday - put changes on sheet on bulletin board near lounge; Posted q Tues, need any corrections made then. Office Supplies: If run out on weekends, ask Security Guard to get for you.

Communications Folder in lounge and Arletta will leave info in Trans room Radiology Staff Meetings q 3rd Wednesdays each month - start around 2: 30 PM Things in the cubby Burgandy Notebook: Education Notebook - Record all CE in that notebook / need to read Age Specific Competencies - in Arletta's office -- - someone can unlock on weekends to get to read / ethics / if at work during Fire Drill, record in notebook RED Notebook: Safety Notebook TARGET 100 Nov 1 at 5 PM -- in hospital classroom Big Blue Book: Policies SET Service Excellent Teams (5) JCAHO Fire Plan - 100% -- Dial 6 1 to access's hospital overhead paging-RED button Rt 5 push button to cut off overhead dial If need to page a code, page x 3 and state location There is a phone directory and beeper list in q dept Disaster Drill - Radiology office becomes Command Center - Radiology wait area becomes first aide If experience computer problems on weekend, try to determine if it is a software or hardware problem; call Arletta. Software RMI - call Arletta first, if cannot reach, the registrars know how to contact Swearings Co which handles software issues. If hardware, CCH IS dept to handle - call Arletta first, then if cannot get up with her, registrars know how to contact IS dept on call.


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