Runaways By Andrew J. Fe nady The book I chose was the Runaways I thought it was pretty good but it could have been better. Well the story took place in Mexico, Texas right when they seceded from the union. At that time Texas was broke. But there was one person who knew where to find money Deek Keeshaw. He planned to make a substantial withdraw with dynamite.

Deek was joined with two brothers Tom and Bart they were all skinny and not all that smart either. One day they were going along in their wagon and they ran into Shad Parker now I have to tell you Shad is one of people you didn't want to mess with. He had buffalo shoulders and big arms. He was also one of the guys who didn't care what you have to say. Soon after that the three brothers ran into three orphan children Austin, Peg, and Davy. They looked as if they haven't ate in a long time so they offered food and they took it.

The three brothers decided to let the children stay with them. There was one more person the Keeshaws had to worry about deputy Homer Keeler. The Keeshaws have basically been on the run forever they started thinking of buying a farm and putting it under someone else's name but they realized they couldn't so they thought this is where Shad Parker would come in since he had a farm basically out in the middle of nowhere. They thought next time they ran into Shad they'd ask. A couple days they ran into him at the saloon soon to find out the owner was the Sheriff's wife. They started talking to Shad and he came to the conclusion that they could not knowing they were runaways.

They went to the farm and decided they would stay in the barn. Shad liked the children but he was furious about the Keeshaw brothers. They were their for a while until Shad started getting accompanied by folks he'd never seen before. Shad started getting suspicious and he asked the children what was going on thinking the Keeshaws wouldn't tell him. So the children told him the brothers were getting ready to rob the Giliead's bank.

After a few days Shad realized those guest were reporters for the state newspaper. Then as he was reading it said four men and three children on the run help catch them reward. Christmas day the children were in the chicken coop when Shad Parker looked over and said very quietly it's time we all quit running. All in all I thought it was a pretty good book I think he could have added more detail in his descriptions overall it was a pretty good book.