Rama as an Empire Builder The story of the Ramayana reminds me much of the hard times that USA is in today. I see many similarities between Rama and the USA. Rama is a warrior against evil, and so the United States are claiming. He creates a strong army, which fights by his side until the end. He has allies that contains people such as Sugreeva whom he helped to retain his kingdom from his evil brother. So Sugreeva felt a strong feeling of loyalty towards Rama and it made him fight to the end by Rama's side.

Loyalty is the most important characteristics that an army can have. The ideological stand point here is good vs. evil. Rama and his allies are the good battling against evil. Rama had allies who understood his cause and went in to fight with him to the end.

Since Rama was a humble, but strong leader the people showed him loyalty back. Ravana showed more of a self-centered and egoistic leadership. Ravana's brother tried to warn him about the strong powers of Rama, but instead of Ravana listening to the wise words of his brother he turned his back on him and banned him from his kingdom. Ravana's decision made his brother turn on him, and his brother went to Rama and offered him and his army his help to defeat Ravana. Rama with his humble ways embraced him, and it worked to both's favor. Ravana's foolish pride took him down as his brother helped Rama to kill his brother.

Ramas first mistake was to hunt the deer. The deer was Ravana in disguise. To kill the deer Rama left the ones that was depending on his protection the most, and this made them weaker as a unit. The hunt for the deer leads to the abduction of his wife, Sita. The battle would probably not have been so difficult if he had his wife safe by his side.

His second mistake was to doubt Sita's faithfulness while being in Ravana's kingdom. He should have known better than to listen to the people's foolishness and trusted what was in his heart but instead he turned Sita away to the forest to die. Although his own brother told him that the people of Ayodhya were just making up rumors and lies. And by doing this he lived many years with a great sorrow in his heart. When finally he understood his mistake, mother earth took Sita back to her wound and Rama would never to se his beloved Sita again. Yet again Rama was left with a life that to him did not seem worth living.

The conclusion of the story is that Rama by having a strong and good character could attract many friends and allies who would be loyal to him. He built a strong coalition and thus he could defeat his enemy. His ideological ideas were such that many could relate with and he upheld a trustworthy personality, which the people had much respect for.