Have you ever heard something go thump in the night? Do you believe in monsters? In the movies 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'E.T. ', the monster like characters the captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. They both involve two characters that are trusted into lifestyles that they are not used to. The beast and E. T were both unique creatures, had close relationships with humans, and were great works of fiction. In both stories, 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'E.T. ', the main characters are unique creatures are forced into a human society, which does not always accept them for who they are.

Society, in general, is against both creatures; school children tease and mock Elliot about his new extra-terrestrial friend, and the townsfolk in 'Beauty and the Beast' attempt to kill the Beast for not being human. Nobody relates to either character, seeing as they are both "freaks" in their respective time periods and locations. Nobody accepts them as being different; both characters are thrown out of society like a couple of lepers for not being like everybody else. Also, they are both in unique situations, the Beast because he used to be a human, and was turned into an evil beast by a magic spell, and E.T. was from another planet, and had no intention of ever coming to earth or meeting Elliot. Both characters are very unique in the society in which they were thrust, and neither one has anyone like him to go to or latch onto for understanding and support.

Both the Beast and E.T. found one person on earth who accepts them for who they are. Although the Beast captures Belle, she learns to love him and understand his situation; she becomes his one true friend in a society which hates him for who what they think he is. Elliot discovered E.T. in his closet, and due to the fact he had no other real friends, naturally accepted the alien. From their initial meeting, E.T. and Elliot became the closest of friends in the film; in fact Elliot was E.T.'s only human friend. Other than those two humans, nobody else attempts to understand where either creature comes from, and as a result, no one befriends them. In addition, both E.T. and the Beast come from great works of fiction, having no fact behind their stories but both being created for no purpose other than pure entertainment. 'E.T. ' was created out of the mind of the great filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and was based on his lonely childhood in which he was the product of a divorced family.

The character Elliot was based loosely on the young Spielberg, but unlike Spielberg, who invented imaginary friends to play with, Elliot found a real friend in E.T. 'Beauty and the Beast' is an age old fairly tale intended to show that love could overcome any obstacle and heal any wound. If Belle did not love the Beast before the last petal fell from the enchanted rose, he would remain a beast forever and society would never accept him. Both works were widely accepted by the American public as "feel-good" films. 'E.T. ,' is one of the best grossing pictures in history and 'Beauty and the Beast' being the first ever animated film nominated for the "Best Picture" academy award. The similarities between the two main characters from the films 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'E.T. ' are astonishing with many things in common.

Both the Beast and E.T. are unique creatures thrust into a new way of life with no one else of their kind around. Both the Beast and E.T. found one human who understood and accepted them for who they were. Both characters were also from great works of fiction coming from the either the mind of a famous filmmaker or from a fairy tale that has existed for hundreds of years. The films 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'E.T. ' have many similar characteristics; in both films the title characters were unwillingly placed into a situation which was hazardous to their existence because they were not accepted by society.