compariLeah Glover 10/ 17/03 His 1 Prof. Xia The Buddhist and Confucius values and the Hindu concept of Dharma Within the Buddhist teachings The Four Nobel Truths and the Eightfold Path, the cause of misery was based upon two main elements. These two elements are suffering and the need to desire. In the Buddhist teachings their focus was to end suffering and desire, and finding peace within ones self. The Confucius teaching was very different. Within the Confucius teaching their main interest was based around the relationship what type of relationship you will have with other people.

Their focus was not on self but others. The values of the Buddhist were that everyone could contain Nirvana regardless of cast the poor, the rich, men and women. This nirvana is attained through self-taught mastery of oneself. To accomplish self-mastery is through the Four Nobel Truths and the Eightfold Path. The Buddha thought that life could only be understood through the Four Nobel Truths because he had experienced them. In the fourth Nobel truth the Buddha talks about the way to nirvana is through the Eightfold Path.

This path is based on right one has to think right, have right speech, right actions, right living right meditation and a right consciousness (49). The Buddhist does not focus on the supernatural life. Their focus was on the peaceful life. The Confucius life was led very differently. Confucius taught that all human affairs were structured by the Five Relationships father and son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, ruler and official, and friend and friend (59). Their life was based on ethical and political relationships between individuals.

Confucius did not focus on the self first Confucius felt if they focused on the relationship with others they would find peace within self. The Confucius taught that the people who had more that others should feel obligated to the other's that don't. Once a person does this they will have a better life. The Confucius did want to reach nirvana but felt if one had a better relationship with others they will have a better state. I feel that a better state would be their nirvana. The Hindu concept of dharma was a code of morals prescribed in ones caste.

This was different form the Confucius ethic. Because the Confucius ethic did not have a caste it focused on everyone. ng european and japanese feudalism.