Frederic's Fellow Soldiers essay example

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A Farewell to Arms In the novel A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, Frederic Henry is a true Hemingway code hero. As an American Lieutenant in the Italian Army, Frederic Henry endures many hard times. Driving an ambulance in World War I, Frederic does more than what his job calls for. He is courageous and disciplined but quite detached from life. Frederic Henry is a true code hero because he is involved in a great deal of drinking, exhibits grace under pressure, and is highly competent. Frederic is involved in a great deal of drinking.

His preferred drink is cognac. While injured at the hospital in Milan, Frederic's fellow soldiers get him alcohol. Any form of alcohol is sufficient then. In his armoire, Miss Van Camden, superintendent of the nurses, finds numerous empty bottles. She assumes that Frederic inflicted himself with jaundice through alcoholism. This incident causes him to loose his leave time from the army.

Even after this, Frederic keeps on drinking. He has alcohol with most of his meals and even enjoys a beer with Catherine while she is pregnant. Frederic although, is not a sloppy drunk. Frederic exhibits grace under pressure. He is wounded badly by a trench mortar while eating cheese. During this attack, Frederic exudes coolness.

He doesn t panic when he sees Passin i, a fellow ambulance driver, die. He simply goes where his assistance is needed. Even with his excruciating injury, Frederic helps the wounded and receives medical attention only after the others are treated. Frederic is highly competent. He clearly befriends people like himself, ambulance drivers. Frederic's loyal circle of friends help him to escape the war.

During his flee, Frederic witnesses the shooting of Ammo by Italian soldiers. The soldiers were obviously not loyal to their own people. Frederic, in his personal group of ambulance drivers, avoids confusion and craziness other people comprise during the war. Frederic encompasses many distinguishing characteristics. During good and bad times, it is always an occasion for him to drink. He drinks during his time living with Catherine on the mountain and throughout the war.

He also is very brave in daring situations. Frederic faces and is once wounded in warfare. In addition, he remains devoted to his friends. Frederic obviously displays a particular code of behavior characterized by his drinking, his courage, and his competence.