French Colonialism In Africa essay example

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Topic: What were the legacies of French and British colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa? How similar / different were those legacies? Paul Nugent. (2004). Africa Since Independence. Palgrave Macmillan This is a comparative study of the different trajectories and experiences of independent African states.

It addresses the differential legacies of British, French, Portuguese, Belgian and Spanish colonialism as well as the unique qualities of imperial Ethiopia and Liberia Richard Hughes (2003). Capricorn: David Stirling's African Campaign. Radcliffe Press Capricorn is the story of a small band of idealists in the decade before independence that believed a future without racial discrimination would allow the countries of east and central Africa to prosper. Story wises the effects of the turbulent history of post-colonial Africa and its disappointment to idealists and to politicians who hoped for peace in countries free of European control. Retrieved July 2004 from: Nicholas Pederson, ACDIS-Arms Control Disarmament and International Security, French Colonialism in Africa at: web series paper details France's need for uranium, a resource made an advantage to France by its colonialism in Africa. The paper also details the events of Africa's largest and longest lasting colonial empires in history-the French Colony.

Details factors involved in the decision to pursue African based colonies and details the ideas involved in assimilating and associating the African people into French culture. Retrieved July 2004 from: Nicholas Pederson, ACDIS-Arms Control Disarmament and International Security French Colonialism In Africa Post- WWII at: web / sect 4. html The paper details the beginning of the end of French Colonialism in Africa by Charles de Gaulle creation of the Fifth French Republic in 1958 and his coming to power. Retrieved July 2004 from: University of Not hern Iowa, Geographic Alliance of Iowa: Standard Four: The Human Characteristics of Nigeria at: web article details the events of Nigeria's creation through British colonialism. Also details the legacies left behind in Nigeria such as the English language, culture, and presents a balanced view of Nigeria's stereotypes and truths.

Linguistic and the Political Geography of Nigeria are also detailed. Retrieved June 2004 from: University of Maryland. ICONS Americas Transatlantic Connections at: web article highlights the differences between administrative policies of British colonialism and Latin, French policies. Very brief and to the point but also contains links to Organization of Africans in the Americas (Europe). O. Patricia Cambridge, Ph. D. (2000) Africa Untold. Ohio Univeristy Detailed similarities of the effects of European colonies on Africa's Religion, Politics, Economics, Women, Children, Men and Kinship. Also show how these factors added to the overall makeup of Africa.

Professor J F Ade Ajay i. (2004) UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Confronting the Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism in Africa. Retrieved June 2004 from, The African Centre at: web article details the importance of the legacies of British colonialism, in terms of the distortions of the African economy. The article also highlights that these distortions were brought on by such negatives as the uneven terms of international trade; the social and cultural disruption of African societies; and widely divergent views between African and European states about the present and future.