There are always two sides to every argument. While both sides of any argument generally hold some truths, somewhere in the middle is where each side must meet, if only to agree to disagree. what it really comes down to is the perspective of the individual. The following perspective on this subject of light beer versus full flavor beer is an on-going argument that all beer drinkers have taken part in at one time or another. Once the truth had been discovered about light beer in this age of staying slim, many have traded in their full flavor beer for the light beer.

One might bring into question the subject of such trivial importance, but one would think that if people cannot openly discuss a subject as trivial and inconsequential as beer, then how could they be expected to discuss something on a grander and more important scale such as child-welfare or the war in Iraq? The great thing about light beer is that it has the same amount of alcohol as full flavor beer, but it has less than half the calories of its counterpart. That in its self should be enough to persuade anyone. Light beer will not give one that bloated feeling nor does it send one to the restroom as much, which allows one to spend more time drinking his or her beer instead of the toilet drinking it. Full flavor beer is better than no beer at all and one would most certainly drink it if that is all that is available. Full flavor beer tends to leave people with hangovers that will last throughout the following day, while light beer rarely, if ever causes hangovers unless, those light beers have chased down a tequila shot, but then the hangover would have been caused by the tequila and not the light beer which, is the point that is being made...

With the advancement in brewing technology in the last five years, the mega-breweries have been able to produce a light beer with a more full bodied flavor without adding any additional calories. In fact, just recently Michelob has claimed to be able to produce a beer with one third fewer calories of light beer. They have appropriately named "Ultra". Most would agree that is an amazing feat. Now that the reader has had a chance to view this subject from another perspective, surely they would agree that the advantages of drinking light beer far out-weigh the advantages of drinking a full flavor beer.

It is hoped that the next time that the readers of this article orders a beer; they will make it a light beer and judge for themselves that light beer is in fact, just as tasty and satisfying as full flavor beer, but without all of the unnecessary trips to the bathroom, vicious hangovers and high calorie content a full flavor beer.