Gender Stereotypes essay example

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Meet Francesca Fine, also known as "The Nanny". She is a very sexy woman with an equally sensual mind. She is very attracted to her handsome male employer, Throughout the show's popular run, Ms. Fine pursues her employer and many other men, persistently. Never allowing "no" to be an answer. Ms Fine used her sexuality, in many ways, to get her way out of things such as parking tickets, IRS trouble, and out of plenty of things with her employer. Ms. Fine used her sexuality to the fullest and played her part as a sexually attractive woman well.

You are probably wondering why TV's "The Nanny" is so important. Well, it shows a most perfect example of gender stereotyping. Because women, stereotypically, can use their sexuality to get out of sticky situations and use it to carry out domestic professions such as a caregiver. It is my belief that there is nothing wrong with exercising your strengths as a woman and becoming an excellent chef and opening a successful restaurant. Or it is certifiable for a woman to use her good looks and charm to keep a police officer from writing a speeding ticket. Many people would perceive that these are all illustrations of gender stereotypes, and with good reason.

Women using their femininity, and in some cases abusing, to get their way or to obtain things that they would want could provide a bad name for women general. Not all females participate in these activities, and some may find the thought of them offensive and objectionable. Women are not the only victims of gender stereotyping, men are as well. Numerous people believe that men are the providers, the bacon bringers. The men are the ones who get up early in the morning, put on a suit, drink coffee, drive in traffic, work a nine-to-five, come home, watch TV, and go to bed. It is hard for some people to comprehend a man as a stay at home parent.

It is for a fact that more and more men nowadays are crossing certain barriers of their sexuality. Until recently, men are becoming single parents, caregivers, nurses, almost all of the professions and positions that were dominated by women. Almost like a gender revolution. In my belief, gender stereotypes do not have a negative affect on today's society or me. These stereotypes are something we have grown to be accustomed to. It is given that stereotypes could restrict individuality and separate people into categories, thus not allowing people to achieve things outside of the standards set by stereotypes.

But, if you truly crave to be different and you want it bad enough you are going to achieve your goal. Many people broke through these boundaries and did what they desired. What about all those single fathers or those single successful businesswomen? They refused to let stereotypes get in their way of coming to their goal.

Not too far back in time, these gender stereotypes were set. That is when people began to get used to women always in dresses and men never without their pants. IN the 1950's, very few women had a job outside of their homes. These women's occupations consisted of cleaning house, cooking meals, and baking treats for their children after school. Men couldn't escape their suit or their jobs that put them behind a desk. This is what America has gotten used to and set the criterion of genders.

And more often than not, people live by these guidelines. Those who are out to change things and make a difference are those who want change the most. Gender stereotypes aren't hurting our society bad enough to cause a global shut down or to begin an actual war of the genders. In fact, I believe gender stereotyping helps motivate those who dare to be different. If you feel like you don't want to be a stay at home mom, don't. Be what you want.

You don't want to put in nine hours in a cubicle, refuse to make society hold you down. Do you what you feel. Gender stereotypes could be the scared straight program for society, if you let it.