Genie was deprived of many things in her life, which caused a very negative outcome. It was very hard to watch how Genie interacted with others as a teenager barely able to communicate. She never had a social environment as a child. She only had interaction with her parents, when they brought her things such as food.

They never interacted with her more then a give and take. There was no verbal interaction, and if there was Genie wasn't allowed to talk. The only environment that Genie had was on her training chair in her room in darkness. She never had the chance to be brought through socialization.

She was just a baby that was in a room, and this is what she saw the world as. Did she know that there was a world beyond those doors? She most likely thought that her room was a large world and she was the center of it, if she thought that highly. She was living in a total institution were she had no control of what was going on and her parents who were the officials ran it. The characteristics that she grew up with fit the process that she grew up in. She didn't interact with others or talk to others, because that is all that she was taught as a child.

Genie never had a great opportunity to take the role of the other. She never got to step into another person's shoes. However, when she felt she did something wrong she would yell at herself, which would be taking the role of her own parents. She didn't express how she felt, when she was hurt, embarrassed, frustrated or any other emotion, thus it was hard for her to step into another person's shoes and try to understand how they feel. Genie doesn't reach the expectations for others in the world with the age that she was at. She was a teenager who couldn't speak and was just learning to play with toys.

At Genies age you would expect a girl that would be very social, talking about boys and past or in her stage of playing with Barbie's. However Genie wasn't even close to that stage, she was 12 years behind. If she were to be thrown into a fully functioning society with no help, for instance a mall, she would break down. She has no idea or concept of communication and it would just be to overwhelming for her. The agents of socialization in Genies life were only her parents. She only learned about the world through her abusive parents.

There was nobody else in her life that could teach her right from wrong and different opinions from her parents. In Genies mind all that existed was her training chair and her crib in a dark room, with curtains closed, and a door which abusive parents. These are the only people who had any impact on the way she would grow up with the personality she would have. There was a great social inequality, whether her family had other children or not.

She was obviously not treated as fairly as other children were treated in society. Not to say she had to be spoiled or given what she wanted, but she had the right to grow up in a proper environment. Genie never had a peer group. She was left as an individual to fend for herself and learn from herself. When she was finally free from her own house, she wasn't able to find a peer group for herself. It was nearly impossible to find somebody at the same age as her with the same or similar mindset.

Genie never had the chance to progress past 3 years old, if she got to that level. Older people who would teach her about the world brought genie into socialization. The resocialization process was a very difficult process for Genie to have to go through. She had to learn how to get along with today's society at a fast speed, because she was so far behind. Once progress had been started, the littlest thing would cause a problem and make things stop. Progress had been at a very consistent rate, at which came to an abrupt stop.

Genie vomited at her foster home and was punished for it, which would bring an end to her progress. This punishment made her not want to open her mouth anymore in the fear of vomiting and being punished for it. From this point on Genie had made no more attempts to be socialized, she was back to Genie who was found by child services in a cold dark room.