Competency Goal Statement 1 To establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. 1. My goals for the area of SAFE are to maintain the classroom and playground from any harm to children and to prevent any type of accidents from occurring. To meet these goals I will have children walk in a line when entering and leaving the classroom so there is not a chance for them to get hurt or injured. When walking out the door children are asked to line up in the train position with bubbles in their mouth (for being quiet).

I am always checking the wooden playground equipment to make sure that there isn't any loose parts or cracking / splintering of the wood that would constitute as being unsafe for the children. 2. My goals for the area of HEALTHY are to provide children with an environment full of nutrition and prevention of disease. To meet these goals at snack time and lunchtime we offer healthy food so the children will have a variety of the food pyramid. They are getting a balanced meal with correct servings for there age. I have children wash their hands throughout the day to get rid of germs.

I am constantly reinforcing and showing children how to wash their hands correctly so that germs are not spread throughout the classroom to other children. They use tissues when they sneeze or cough so that the other children are not susceptible to bacteria from them. If they are not able to get a tissue in time we tell them to cough or sneeze in their arm rather than their hands so germs don't spread as easily. 3.

My goals for the area of LEARNING ENVIRONMENT are to promote children to learn basic knowledge and allow them to develop through play. To meet these goals children are provided many activities throughout the day. In each learning center cooperative play is always encouraged. In our block area there are many similar toys so children do not have to fight over which ones they want. Our dramatic play area offers role- playing with the baby dolls that we have. The materials in the art center allow for the children to become artistic through expression.

There are many different types of music that we offer including: finger plays, songs and gross / fine motor movements. There are many materials provided to the children to demonstrate learning.