Abortion According to Planned Parenthood, "millions of women per year sought out illegal abortions, thousands died. There are two kinds of abortion; one is what we call spontaneous abortion. This type may be more familiar as a miscarriage. When an embryo or fetus stops developing the body expels it. If a woman wants to end her pregnancy then she can have what is called an induced abortion, this can be done either surgically or medically.

It terminates the fetus so that the mother doesn't have to raise a child. Three reasons why abortion is a critical issue are moral, financial, and health. These are very important in the decision to have an abortion. The first reason why abortion is a critical issue is moral.

The definition of moral is the distinction between right and wrong. People only think of abortion as being the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do. In some peoples minds it is either the killing of a child or saving it from having a horrible life. For instance the Catholic Church is so against abortion they go as far as trying to terminate the hospitals. They think of it as the killing of a human being while the woman who is having the abortion is just not fit to raise a child. Or in more extreme circumstances, rape or incest occurs.

In this situation what do you do, probably have an abortion. In the mind of people all these are reasons why people think abortion is right or wrong, it just depends on the way you think. The second reason why abortion is a critical issue is financial. It is a critical issue because not all women have enough money to get an abortion.

A good medical abortion costs lots of money to have done. Not only that but some women don't have the financial independence to not get an abortion. Supporting a child costs lots and lots of money over all. The third reason why abortion is a critical issue is health. This issue ties in with the financial issue, if people don't have enough money for a proper medical abortion then they will turn to anything. Black market abortions or illegal abortions are popular to the less financially independent.

These are sometimes done with a clothes hanger; this is used to scrape the fetus until it is dead. As you may guess this does cause many health problems for the mother. Not only is physical health a factor in abortions but mental health is also. Women who have abortions may suffer severe emotional distress. If they can't handle the fact that they killed a child to be, or that they destroyed what might someday be a living person. They may need to see a psychiatrist to get over that.

In conclusion abortion is a critical issue because of everything I have told you so far, moral, financial, and health. These are all reasons that people think about when deciding on an abortion. Whether people think of it as murder or as helping someone it will never be the same in everyone's mind, what does it mean to you?