The Big Experience On the Golf Course Golf is a big experience for me in the first place. Three reasons why this certain tournament was such an experience was because I was the leader of our team. It was for pride against the other players we were playing, and it just was not for the pride it was also for the money and that played a big role in it also. Golf has brought me a long way like going to college and the way I look at certain things now. Being the captain of our team was a big privilege but it also made me very nervous. I knew that I had to do my part and carry our team because they were counting on me more than anybody else.

This was the first time I was ever the leader of the group or the captain as most people call it. Before we started I had a lot of bad thoughts rushing through my head like what if you don't play good or your team mates get mad because you don't hit a good shot or that I am not as good as they think I am. This was really a lot of pressure to me, believe it or not. We stepped on the first tee and all my teammates teed off and it was my turn.

I teed my ball up took a deep breathe, stepped up to the ball and hit it straight down the middle. My teammates told me "great shot Dell". That really relaxed me and I played so good. I was on my game all day long and nothing was going to get my way, not even a tree. I just felt like I could not do anything wrong that day. I kind of felt like I was a machine because everything was just so nice and smooth like a routine would be.

Anybody that plays golf on a regular basis knows what I am talking about whenever I say "my swing just felt so good and smooth". My teammates were really impressed with my skills. After we were through they were bragging to all the other teams about how good I was and how far I could hit a golf ball. That made me feel good and that I did everything that I could to help out my team. They were really a great team and I enjoyed spending the day with them.

We had some great conversations that day, laughed and just had a good time. I told myself to just have fun and that is what we did. This tournament was called Members Day and that is where most of the members play in this tournament. Most people knew each other so this tournament was mostly for pride.

My dad and I both played in this tournament but we were not on the same team. I was really hoping that my team would beat his and I am sure that he was hoping that his team would beat mine. Well it ended up that my team and I beat my dads team so that gave me some bragging rights. Whenever I beat my dad at something that I do I feel proud and my dad is also very proud of the things I do and the skills I have.

There were sixteen teams and my team came in fourth place so we were very happy with that. I did not think we would do that good but we played as a team and you can do anything if you work together. Brent also played and of course my team beat his because my team was just better and he can not hang with me. He never says anything about this tournament because he knows that his team lost pretty bad. We only finished two strokes behind the winners.

This was a really great feeling beating people that I know and also beating those old men out there that think they are so good but we put them in their place and their place was behind us. My mother and my girlfriend were also out there watching me play. That also made me proud because I knew they had faith in me and they were also very proud of me so that made my day that much better. Money is a very important thing to most people, including me.

I was so happy that we finished in fourth place because we won about thirty dollars a piece. I know thirty dollars is not that much money but it is thirty more dollars than what I did have. Money is a very big thing to me and since I knew that we were playing for money I just played that much harder. It felt really good walking up there receiving our money after they called my name because I was the captain.

Whenever somebody starts talking about the word money around me I listen because I am always up for a good challenge. Whenever money is involved the situation changes because things are taken a whole lot more serious because if you don't play good you are going to lose something that you worked very hard for and nobody likes doing that. Money is not everything to me but it plays a big role in my life because if I did not have any of it I would not have anything. The money is not as important as the pride is to me but I sure don't mind having it.

If money was not really important to people then nobody would work for the things that they do like playing golf. In conclusion, this golf tournament was an important experience in my life. This was a very special event to me because I was the captain of my team, it was for pride from the other members, and it was also about how much money we could win. I am going to work on my game as much as possible and hopefully one-day I can take it to the next level and do it as a profession.