Gun Control Has Gone Far Enough And No More Laws Should Be Made Do you own a firearm? Do you enjoy hunting or target shooting? If so, how would you feel if these privileges were wrongfully taken from you? Some organizations and politicians actually want this to happen. Guns should not be taken away by the government or anyone else. This would infringe upon our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The Second Amendment to the United States constitution states that it is a right for us to keep and bear arms. The United States supreme court is forced to uphold any part of the constitution. Any law or rule that would go against the second amendment would be considered unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Because the U.S. constitution is the "supreme law of the land", it would be hard for anything to nullify this amendment. What true American would want to go against the constitution anyway.

Some politicians say there needs to be much stricter gun laws. Their reasons include the recent school shootings, criminal murder, children's accidents, and other things. While they may seem to have valid points, they should remember that "guns don't kill people, people kill people". If someone is sick enough to want to murder someone, chances are they would find a way to do it, gun or no gun. Even if there were extremely strict laws that prohibited guns, murderers and criminals would still find a way to obtain them through the black market. In the children's case, if they were more educated about gun safety and the danger of firearms, there would be less accidents.

Think of how much different it would be if they were educated about firearms as much as they are taught about drugs, alcohol, fire safety, and the danger of motor vehicles. Children are taught about these things by safety campaigns and procedures, which start at a very young age and extend through life. Even very small children are told not to play with Gun Control 3 matches, not to touch the stove, not to go near a fire, and not to play with electrical connections and outlets. They should be taught in the same manner to stay away from guns. Also, guns should be kept out of reach of children. If a child gets hold of a gun and an accident happens, it is their parents responsibility for having a loaded gun accessible to the child.

What kind of moron parents would let their small child even have a chance to find a gun in the house? In a home with children, the firearms should be unloaded and locked in a gun cabinet. A gun is a dangerous tool but so are many other things that people use everyday. Things such as knives, chemicals, household appliances, gardening and building tools, motor vehicles could also be very deadly if put into the wrong hands.

Is the government going to mandate laws on these items too? Are they that much different from firearms? If guns were made illegal, why would not any of items be made illegal too? Where is it going to stop? A perfect, peaceful world could never happen, no matter how many so called dangerous things are prohibited. Firearms do not cause the problems of the world, nor should they be blamed for them.

In another instance, hunting is a sport enjoyed by millions across the country. Firearms are a necessary tool in hunting. They are used in every type of the sport, unless a bow and arrow is used. Millions of Americans would lose their beloved hobby of hunting if their guns were taken from them. As a result, animal population would exponentially increase, which would cause several problems such as crop damage among others. Hunting is just one of the activities that would become extinct if our guns were taken away.

In conclusion, firearms, although sometimes dangerous, are an important part of our country and should not be made illegal. The right to have guns is in the constitution, which is above all other laws. Although accidents cannot be totally avoided, they would decrease with child education and parental responsibility. Consequently, firearms should not be the scapegoat for many of the country's accidents and problems.

In the end, the opposition should remember that a gun does not fire unless a person is controlling it..