In the summer time of the year 2000 this picture was taken. The photographer was myself. I tried to capture the Oldsmobile Cutlass in the air off all four tires. The person controlling the car was my friend June Rode an. We were attending a low rider car show in English Town, New Jersey. The car in this picture is an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with hydrolics.

This car also is equipped with the following: twelve inch spoke rims, custom paint job called a bowling ball the color is called bowling ball because the paint is mixing together like a bowling ball or a piece of marble, there is a string of neon blue outlining the interior. It has several sound effects controlled by switches, by pressing the switch you will be able to hear the siren of a police car, fire truck, ambulance, and other alert sirens. The temperature that day was around ninety degrees. I was sweating a lot but the excitement from the event kept my mind from heat. There was a large crowd there.

People of all races were cheering all the cars. As you could see not the only one taking pictures. I had fun that day there was lots of girls. The air was filled exhaust fumes, burnt rubber and fried foods.

I was able to take this picture while the car was eight inches off the ground. The camera that I used was digital. Later on my friend printed out the picture I took from using a computer. So the picture was able to be enlarged and you could see a large amount off details. Overall the picture was taken on a bright day with good weather conditions and a clear shot was able to be taken at the right moment. From you could see this is an exciting event to attend.

In conclusion this picture captured one of the best highlights of my day. My friend absolutely knew how to handle this vehicle. His prize for this stunt was second place. We both was very happy competing with other cars. We seen a lot of ideas and a lot of good work from other cars. We met a lot of people who was interested in our car.

My friend now owns a shop called Squeaky Cleans which does hydrolics, systems, interior, paint jobs etc. Once i graduate I plan on taking my dads Oldsmobile Cutlass and hook it up. Then maybe I'll get a job there because that's what I enjoy doing and it's good I love competing. This picture will be a day I will always remember..