B+ paper Between the two stories " A Good Man Is Hard To Find" and " Everything That Rises Must Converge" written by Flannery O'Connor. The choice was difficult but I decided that I liked "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" better then "Everything That Rises Must Converge". A few reasons why I liked "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" is the way the character of the grandmother is bossy and thinks that she knows everything that there is to know. I could relate to the family and the way that they ignored her suggestions and ideas because she came off in such an almost snotty way. Also the way the her grandchildren talked back to her disrespectfully and the parents did nothing about it. My younger cousins treat my grandparents the same way and get away with it.

My brothers and older cousins and I would have not even dreamed about acting that way to our grandparents. One of the reasons that I did not like the story " Everything That Rises Must Converge" is because there was to much fighting between the mother and son the mother was set in her ways and was not willing to change her views and the son believed in his way and wanted her to believe in his way. They should have just let each other believe in what they wanted to and let the mother find out the hard way. I thought it was a good story but compared to "Good Man Is Hard To Find" I thought it was pretty boring. I thought it was pretty ironic that the family never listened to the grandmother before and the first time that they do it ends up coasting them their lives. The grandmother gets confused and tells them to take a side road to an old house with history and as they are headed down the road she gets startled because she members it is another state, with that the cat jumps out of her lap and lands on her son who in return loses control of the car.

The passing car that the family hopes is help ends up being their death sentence. If the family had just ignored her the way they usually did they would all still be alive today. In the begging of the story the grandmother was right when she warned the family about the misfit who escaped jailed. (What were the chances?) The family would have been better off staying on the main road. Liked this story because it gave the reader a reminder that how one wrong choice could coast your life. The story gave me a reality check that one minute you are here and the next minute someone can take it all from you.

At the end when they killed off the grandmother's family and she is trying to talk the misfit out of killing her and trying to tell him how he is really a good man and she see's that he might start to cry she tries to tell him that he is really her boy and touches him, he jumps back and shoots her three times in the chest. The misfit's partner Bobby Lee makes the comment that the old lady would have been good woman, the misfit says yeah if there was someone to shot her every minute of her life. I thought that statement explained the grandmother in a nut shell and the misfit only knew her for a few minutes..