Abolitionist Paper-History Throughout the 1830-1860's slaves were a huge debate between the North and South. There were two sides to the way people viewed slavery. One side viewed slavery as a positive necessity, these people came from the South and used slavery on their large plantations. The other side viewed slavery as wrong; these people were typically from the North and didn't use slavery because it was not needed up North to run large factories.

The side that viewed slavery as wrong were called abolitionists. Abolitionists worked to abolish slavery in all states and in their eyes slavery was wrong and inhumane. There have been many famous abolitionists throughout history. Each abolitionist has their own story and own way of telling of the abusive, cruel system of slavery. Fredrick Douglass may be known as one of the greatest abolitionists in history and also America's foremost great black speaker. Douglass was one of the first leaders of the abolitionist movement.

He was known for his speeches, lectures, and wise words towards the abolishment of slavery. Harriet Tubman was known as a great abolitionist because of her work personally guiding other slaves to freedom. It is said that because of her work against slavery, she is one of the reasons the Civil War began! Unlike Harriet Tubman, Douglass wrote and told his life story to become a strong abolitionist. Harriet Tubman used the Underground Railroad to raise her fame being known as the "Moses of her people". While Douglass spoke inspirational words, Tubman efforts were inspirational to other runaways.

Douglass career started when he ran away to the North. He wrote about his life as a slave. Douglass was a brilliant speaker, and because of this he was asked by the American Anti-Slavery Society to engage in a tour of lectures and from there he was known as a great American black speaker. Harriet Tubman began as a slave yet when she heard news of being sold into the deep south she escaped to Pennsylvania. She then became known as the preeminent conductor of the Underground Railroad. Tubman was very driven and she is now credited with making 19 trips to the South to help more than 300 slaves to freedom.

Tubman showed bravery through her actions, such as working as a spy, conducting the Underground Railroad, and establishing a home for Aged Negroes. While Douglass used his powerful voice to speak out about human rights, racial injustice, emancipation for all slaves in the Confederacy and the Union border states, and the right of blacks to enlist in the armies of the North. Both Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass had considerable amount of courage. Tubman and Douglass began their lives as property to the white men yet escaped. Together Tubman and Douglass urged the abolition of slavery and redefinition of black rights. Tubman and Douglass both worked to end slavery in many ways.

Both started intensive speaking tours and urged the elimination of slavery. They not only wanted liberation of the slaves, but they also wanted equality for all black people. Both put the message out that the aim of the war must be to abolish slavery. In time, by fighting for their beliefs they proved to be just as good as a white man and nothing could take away their pride in their people..