Everyone has an individual power and seem to use it either in a positive or negative way. Power of individual can also use mentally or physically depending on how people use it. Different situation makes different character or person to use their power themselves. In movies it shows how some character uses their power of one in many ways. Sydney Carlton is an example of "Power of Individual", in the movie A Tale of Two Cities.

As one of Sydney's power, he utilizes his power to fight for innocent people on the courts to show that they are not guilty. If it weren't for Sydney's power of attorney, people would have been murdered by using the "Guillotine". Sydney Carlton is a great example of "Power of Individual" because he uses his power of one, to stand up and speak for his prisoners, otherwise they would have been found guilty. Another example was when Sydney Carlton made a decision that is going to sacrifice his life for Charles Darney from getting killed. This shows that he sacrifice his life for Charles Darney by taking the place of Charles. This is important because he fell in love with Charles Darney's wife, but knowing he can't be with her he wanted her to be happy so he sacrifice himself for Charles Darney so Charles can stay with his wife.

As a result, Sydney Carlton was an example using Power of Individual sacrificing his life for someone he loves to be happy. Different people uses their individual power differently just like how Harry Potter use it differently. For an example, in the movie of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Lord Voldemort tries kill Harry. This shows that it was Lord Voldemort who tries to kill Harry, but not quite physically kill him and it's more like playing mind games. This is important because Harry mentally challenges Lord Voldemort to destroy him.

Another example is when Harry fought the serpent down the pipe (Chamber of Secrets). Harry took the risk to fight the serpent to protect the ones he cares about. This is important because he used his power of one physically which was fighting the serpent. As a result, Harry is another example using his power of individual to save many lives from getting paralyzed at Howard's. John Keating uses his way of power of individual to influence his students. In the movie Dead Poet's Society Mr. Keating was telling his class to stand on top of his desk.

This shows that he was teaching the class how to see different perspective if you stand up high. This is important because he uses his individual power to encourage the students to stand on top of the desk when they weren't suppose to. Another example is when Mr. Keating who told Neil to talk to his father about what Neil wanted to do. This shows that Mr. Keating gave an advice to Neil, which was to encourage him to talk to his father.

This is important because Mr. Keating influence Neil to talk to his father in a positive way. As a result, John Keating used his power of individual in a positive way to influence his students. Sydney Carlton, Harry Potter, and John Keating were some great examples on how "Power of Individual" was used. These characters show different ways of using power of one. Depending on any kind of situation many people or character uses their power differently either helping others, sacrificing him or herself, or maybe even harming others.