Crist in English 10 HMr. LudJanuary 8, 1999 Critique of Bridget Jones's Diary by: Helen Fielding Bridget Jones's Diary, written by Helen Fielding, was a very interesting novel. I feel that I would have enjoyed the book more if I had read it at a later point and time in my life when I have the ability to relate to it more. Despite the fact that this book was evidently written for a more mature and experienced audience I still enjoyed reading it. This book was a positive influence on me because I can see myself living my life comparable to the way Bridget Jones is living her life in this book.

My favorite character is this book was Bridget Jones. I admire her because I think she has a realistic and sensible way of dealing with her problems. For example, the way in which she dealt with the alleged love of her life, Daniel, showed me that she possessed a very strong inner character. Unlike most females, she listened to the advice given to her by her friends and she remained strong against the sexual desires proposed to her by Daniel.

She had a peculiar way in which she realized how corrupt some people are. Another characteristic that is praiseworthy is Bridget Jones has set goals and is always reminding herself of the goals to be attained. Some of her achievable goals were to lose weight, stop smoking, and to stop purchasing so many lottery tickets and before each journal entry she would list exactly how many of each of the she failed or succeeded to do. Even though Bridget Jones was a lba no 2 fictional character I still felt that she was believable and realistic, as were the other characters in this book. Helen Fielding did a commendable job on capturing my interest in Bridget Jones's Diary. She did so by using sarcasm.

During the novel, Bridget Jones used sarcasm to relieve the tension in a tight situation that she might have been in, especially with her mother who was literally a confused nag going through a so-called midlife crisis. She used sarcasm to escape rather uncomfortable, I have better things to do situations such as the dialogue she used when speaking with desperate, ignorant people like Daniel. This was rather humorous because it usually left him feeling either really dumb or confused. Another technique that captured my interest was Helen Fielding's use of humor.

Majority of the characters in the book had a sick sense of humor that I found amusing to read. Humor was only used at the proper times and even at the times in which the characters were not being humorous a lot of things seemed funny. Maybe this is because I cannot yet relate to any of the characters or maybe because I can see myself in their positions. Anyway, this is how my interest was kept throughout most of the book.

My favorite scene in this book was when Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver exchange a series of e-mails. This was the part at which Daniel tells Bridget that she has forgotten her skirt and that is not proper work attire, obviously referring to the length of her skirt. The exchanging of e-mails just tells me how pathetic people who want some can be. I mean what's the point of wasting time on stupid e-mails that imply that there is an attraction between two people At that age shouldn't these people act maturer The reason I enjoyed this part so much was because it was one of the more amusing scenes in the book and yet it seemed realistic. bank 3 Bridget Jones's Diary was written in the form of a daily log. Everyday I knew just what Bridget was feeling and what she did.

I think that changes to this book are unnecessary because this book, the way I interpreted it, was written based on the way Helen Fielding was feeling and you can't change the way someone feels. Bridget Jones's Diary was a very positive experience. It made me somewhat conscious of what my life could be like in the future and different ways of attacking certain problems. It also taught me that I should listen to my friends a little more often because they are usually right. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to have a good laugh and wants to read an amusing yet practical book.