There are many many things that make th USA great, im going to talk about one of them. I'm going to talk about the technology of the in the United States of America, and how it has helped a young nation excell in many areas. How technology helps us everyday at work school and at home, and how it helps protect everybody in the US. The technology that we use at work. Our parents may use computers high tech machines and many other things.

Sence early in history humans have made great leaps in the field of technology. Or parents use machines to help speed up the process of production so the product can be shipped out and got on the market as quick as possible. This is one thing that has made the USA great is the manufacturing of goods sped up by the help of technology to give the people what they want. Also technology has helped at our schools.

Even in recent years my school has gotten more computers 3-4 in every room. This makes some school work much easier and quicker for students to get information and evn help with there homework. As you can see there again technology has helped in another area and made students smarter and helped improve technology in the future. Another thing that technology has help better would be the military of the US. The military can now guide misses to a location with out a jet, send a spy plane to a location to a location without a man in the cock pit.

The weapons have become more advanced to protect and serve the citizens of the United States. All with the help of technology. As I have said in this speech I beleive that technology has help improve our jobs, todays students, and the protection of the United states of America. Technology has made a impact our nation greatly; it has helped us grow and develope very quickly and become one of the most strongest nations in the world. Now we ride in cars with wheels while just few years ago people were taking trains across the US. Just look into the future and think what the world will be like if our technology keeps growing and making advances.