Greek Gods Zeus is the king of all the gods. Zeus had to kill his father who eats Zeus's brothers and sisters, so that he can free them. He than had to marry his sister Hera. He was not always with Hera, but with mortal women. Hera the wife of Zeus is always jealous of Zeus sneaking of to another women and gets angry all the time. She turns her wrath on humans and sometimes on her own husband.

Poseidon is the god of all the seas. He lives in an underwater palace in the ocean. He controls all the animals in the ocean. When he gets angry with any mortals and their land, he floods them. The goddess of love is Aphrodite. She is the most beautiful person in the world.

Her husband is the god of forge. The god of forge creates the weapons like the lightning bolts for Zeus. He lives in a mountain. Hercules is the son of Zeus. Hercules is half god and half mortal.

He was a hero. He had to serve this king for 12 years to do 12 different tasks. The king sent him on dangerous missions. His own wife killed him. His wife was tricked into killing him. She got a gift that had Hines blood on it.

Hines blood was a very poisonous blood. It can kill any mortal, even a half-mortal. Hates god of war, he starts wars and kills as many people as he can. He is a ruthless god.

All the god's helped mortals in one or another way, but they can also cause a lot of trouble. For example, Aphrodite started a war between two empires over this woman who was supposed to be more beautiful than her. Helena was the beautiful woman who was fought over. All the gods live on Olympus. All the mortals pray to the gods.