Although, Hera is a loved goddess by many mortals and other gods and goddesses, if she found out her husband Zeus was sleeping with another woman, she would punish his lovers and their children until death. She was a very jealous wife and would do anything to protect marriage. Hera was the daughter of Cron os and Read, sister of Poseidon, Hestia, Hades, Demeter, and Zeus (brown. edu). Hera's worship is known to go back farther than her husband, and brother, Zeus. Her parents were also brother and sister. Since goddesses' could change into many forms, she changed into a bird and was worshiped through out Greece for many years.

In fact, the oldest, most important temples in Greece are shrines to her because of her worship during this time, but her favorite city is said to be Argos (brown. edu). Also, Hera had sacred animals. They were peacocks and a cow. The peacocks were a symbol of pride, and the cow meant "big eyes" (ancient culture. com). What I think that these animals are sacred to her because they describe her. The peacocks mean pride, that shows everyone that even though her husband cheats on her, she still is living and they are still married so Zeus must love her the most out of all of his lovers.

Plus, since she is a feared goddess, she has power over others and she always gets her revenge on her husbands' lovers. No matter what, she has pride. Then, the cows mean big eyes, so that is telling others that she knows what they are doing, so beware. Hera is the goddess of life, Queen of the Gods, goddess of marriage and child birth, and also protector of married women (Princeton. edu).

Even though she was the goddess of child birth, Hera did not have many children herself. Ares, god of war, and Hebe, goddess of youth, were children of Zeus. Hephaestus was created with on partner. Although, some say that he was the child of Zeus (brown. edu).

Typhon and Dionysus were also created with no partner. On the other hand, Zeus was famous for his affairs and many other children to his lovers. Zeus had an affair with Semele, and these two creates Dionysus 2. Semele died because of her jealousy of Hera. The next affair was Io. Hera turned her into a cow, but Zeus still mated with her.

He turned himself into a bull. Zeus also had an affair with Leto. Hera hunted her all over the earth. Hera did not like her husband cheating, so she got revenge on either the lovers, or their children. Also, Hera punished others who crossed her. Tiresias was blinded by Hera because she said. ".. women enjoy the pleasures of love ten times more than men (brown. edu).

Hera also took away Echo's voice because she kept her talking for a long time and kept her from capturing the nymphs who were with Zeus (brown. edu). Hera had no remorse for anyone or anything. She was a strong goddess and if someone or something crossed her, she would make sure that they were punished. Hera wanted to influence the outcome of the Trojan War, so she made a plan to distract Zeus (since he watched over the war).

Hera planed to seduce Zeus. After this, Zeus would fall asleep, and she could do as she pleased with influencing the war. Zeus favored the Trojans, but Hera favored the Greeks. Their son, Ares, fought for both sides because he loved war (royalty. nu)! Hera took the Greeks side because Paris, the Trojan prince, said that Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess.