Bud, Not Buddy Bud Not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis, takes place in Flint, Michigan and Grand Rapids, Michigan. It took place in the 1920's (during the depression). It is about a boy named Bud Caldwell who is on a search to find his father. He uses lies throughout the whole book to get him where he wants to go. He is 10 years old and his mother died when he was 6.

Bud tells everyone she died a fast and painless death. Buds mother never did directly tell Bud who his father was, but she did give him a lot of hints. She would always look at this blue flyer. Across the top of this flyer were the words 'LIMITED ENGAGEMENT', then written below this in smaller letters it said, 'Direct from an S.R.O. engagement in New York City'. Under that in big letters again it said, 'HERMAN E. CALLOWAY and the Dusky Devastators of the depression! ' Next it said, 'Masters of the New Jazz'.

Then in the middle of the paper was a blurry picture of a man standing next to a giant fiddle. This man was thought to be Buds father, Herman E. Calloway. In order for Bud to find his father, he needs to get away from the orphanage and all the foster homes he's lived in. He needs to get to Grand Rapids, Michigan, because that is where Herman E. Calloway lives. This doesn't seem too hard for Bud. Once he's gotten away from the homes he's considered being on the lam.

While Bud is on the lam he runs into his friend from the orphanage, Bugs. Bug's is also on the lam. He is heading west to find a job. Bud is sidetracked and decides to go with him. Everything seems to go fine until they try to board a train heading west. Bugs does fine getting on the train, but Bud, on the other hand, doesn't.

(Scene from the book) I squeezed my bag to my stomach and ran. The train was going faster and faster. People were jumping on and reaching back to help others. I finally got to the tracks and was running as hard as I could. I looked up into the boxcar and saw Bugs. He screamed, 'Bud, throw me your bag!

' I used both hands to throw my suitcase at the train. Bugs caught it and as he set it behind him the blue flyer blew out of the twine and fluttered outside the door. But it was like a miracle, the flyer flipped over three times and landed right in my hand, I slowed down and put it in my pocket. Bud thinks of this as a sign that he needs to stay here and find his father. Luckily Bud is a determined kid for if he weren't he wouldn't be where he is now. Bud starts his journey from Flint Michigan to Grand Rapids, Minnesota to find his father.

It happen so fast, first he was on the street heading towards Grand Rapids and all of a sudden he is in a car with Lefty Lewis. Lefty ends up taking Bud to find Herman E Calloway. Is Herman E. Calloway Buds real father? I can't tell you the whole story, you will have to read it yourself to find out. I highly recommend it because it is a great book! Although, you shouldn't read it if you have a poor imagination!