Hiding From The Truth! In the reading, 'The Story of an Hour,' many things weren't as they seemed. This is called symbolism. Where one write something and it symbolizes another thing. For example, someone's blood gets warmer. That wouldn't symbolize them getting hot, it symbolizes them having a warm and happy feeling about something.

This shows that things aren't thought of as they are supposed to be. Symbolism also leads to hidden truths. Things that also don't mean what they seem. Just as symbolism, hidden truths need to be thought out, and thoroughly processed in one's head. In the reading, 'The Story of an Hour,' many things aren't as they seem, leading to hidden truths, symbolism, and an unusual ending. There were many things that could be considered to be hidden truths in the reading.

There were just a few that stuck out with ease. One of the hidden truths would be when the wife Louise Mallard is thinking about the news she was just told, she is sitting in a 'comfortable roomy chair,' comfort and roominess are relaxing and fun. The reason the writer uses comfortable and roomy is to show that the wife, Louise, was happy and relaxed when she heard the news and thought about it. She was pretty much happy with the result. Another easy hidden truth was when Louise was saying, 'free, free, free' and 'free, body and soul free. ' These phrases would, in reality, show that she was happy and felt like her own self now.

She wasn't restricted by her husband, he was gone and she was her own woman. She was finally 'free' as she would say. And finally, Louise's pulse beats harder. That is just like the blood warming. Her pulse beating hides that she is full of joy. She is happy of what happened, and that she is 'free.

' There are many truths that are hidden in this story, that just leads to making the readers get into the story. Not only were there hidden truths, but a lot of symbolism came up in the reading. The symbolism starts with an open window. That is what Louise was staring at and looking through when she was told about the death of her husband Brently. The open window symbolizes freedom.

Louise was now free of her husbands rein. She was unhappy with the marriage and liked finally being free and her own person. Then while she is looking out the window, Louise sees a new spring of life and sparrows twittering. Both of those symbolize starting over, with a new life of freedom. Next she thinks it looks like it would rain, and rain would symbolize the cleansing of a bad spirit. This was the way that Louise would get rid of the thought of Brently.

She cleaned herself of his ways, and she became herself for a change. And finally Louise heard a man singing. This would symbolize happiness, which Louise had plenty. All of the symbols lead to Louise turning a new leaf, and getting over her husband Brently. The reading ends very unusually. This is also like a hidden truth or some type of symbolism.

The whole story starts out with a friend of Brently telling Louise about the death of Brently. Louise then starts to get sad and finally gets happy about it. She thinks that she is free of Brently and doesn't know what to do with the joy. Then in the end Brently, the husband, comes home, because he didn't die, and Louise died on the spot. The ending symbolizes that you can't always trust what you here because Louise got her hopes up, and then she was scared or shot down when she found out that her beliefs weren't true. It also symbolizes that people don't always tell others the truth.

If Louise would have told Brently she felt controlled then they wouldn't have a relationship, and then Louise, even though she had a heart problem, might not have died in the end. The end is very twisted and hides many truths. Many things go on in the reading, 'The Story of an Hour. ' Most of the things lead back to hidden truths, symbolism and a very ironic ending. The story is full of examples from each. The story makes people think and use their heads.

It is a great example of irony and can be used in some type of example; such as, don't believe everything you hear. The story is full of many different writing devices, the most used would be hidden truths and symbolism..