After Junior High all I thought about was getting high school over with and graduating. Even though thinking about starting high school kind of made me sick to my stomach and scared me a bit. I just kept on thinking new experiences around the corner, and new people to meet and greet. Just thinking that I was the top dog for being in high school with all the older kids made me feel somewhat important or privileged. High school was less nerve wrecking than I actually thought it was before I started, besides getting lost in the big crowds of people. High school was tough for me from making new friends to turning in homework on time.

It wasn't all that easy to balance and set a schedule to get things done, which meant cutting down fun time. But at the same time everything flew by so fast that it was senior year and it was time to graduate. The though that high school was over meant is when you actually start trying to go or do something with your life. No more fun and games, after high school its all uphill from now by trying to work on a successful career and going to college if that's what you want to do. You think that high school was so hard yet you have so much more to go after it if you want to succeed. Its graduation day and you finally realize that this will be the last time that you see everyone together like this.

All you feel is emotions flying everywhere in the air from yourself, friends, and family. This is it and you finally get to step in to the real world. Walking across that stage getting my diploma and shaking everyone's hand just wanted to make me to break down and cry because I myself have went threw all the way to achieve what I have all by myself. This had to be one of the greatest moments in my life.

I will never forget walking across that stage and knowing that I did it.