I'm writing my paper on when Brother Leon compares his classroom to Nazi Germany. He compared his classroom to Nazi Germany because of a few situations. First one of which he chooses and one in which Archie does. Both of which Adolph Hitler did in Nazi Germany. In these next couple of paragraphs I'm going to compare and contrast the situations to those of what Hitler performed.

First Brother Leon caused a situation to happen in his classroom. There was one kid, named Bailey, in the class who scored a 100 percent on his test every week. Brother Leon told the whole class that Bailey cheated on all of his test. At first the other guys didn't do anything. But eventually after a person high in authority, like Brother Leon, said this they started believing him. So all the guys took the teachers side and revolted against Bailey just because of what one leader said This is strikingly similar to what Adolph Hitler did in Nazi Germany in the 1930's -1940's, the Holocaust.

Hitler convinced all his Nazi clan to believe that the Jewish people were the superior race. He and his people killed 6 million Brown 2 Jewish people because of the powerful word of a authority figure. Hitler brainwashed all his followers just like Brother Leon brainwashed the class into believing that Bailey cheated. Another incident that happened was when Archie convinced Goober to take out all of the nuts and bolt and screws out of the desk's. Then when everyone sat down the whole classroom fell apart.

It drove Goober mad in the mind feeling the guilt from what he had done. Hitler also did this very thing to his Nazi clan. They performed many terrible things to the Jewish race. Such horrible things were going on some of the Nazi men felt remorse for what they had done to the innocent Jewish people. Archie felt no remorse just as Hitler didn't in Germany. Archie controlled all of the school.

Even Brother Leon came to Archie to run the Chocolate sales. Archie was just as Hitler was in late 30's through late 40's. They controlled people that listened and went with there beliefs and worked out there tasks. This is how Brother Leon's classroom and Archie's influence are compared to Nazi, Germany.

First Brother Leon convinced a whole class of guys that Bailey was a cheater and they all turned on him just like Hitler and his Nazi clan turned against the Jews and thought of them as a superior race. The second incident was with Archie. He was the runner of the school. He convinced Goober to take all screws out of desk's just for amusement.

Just as Hitler convinced his Nazi clan to torture the Jewish people. That's how Brother Leon's class and the whole school can be compared to Nazi Germany and Hitler's doing's in the time of the Holocaust.