Nowadays, people pay more attention to education and teachers have become a hot topic. In the new century, how can one be called a qualified teacher? What is a teacher!'s duty? As a modern teacher, she should not only teach the knowledge to students, but instruct students how to be a real man in the society. Firstly, a teacher should have versatile knowledge. Now students can get all kinds of information through different channels.

If a teacher only knows the knowledge from the books and doesn! t know anything about internet, modern technology, how can she convince her students? And also, a teacher should make herself understood, using brief and clear language, to explain the theory accurately. Secondly, if a teacher just gives the knowledge to students, it is still not enough. She should also set a good example for students. A teacher!'s behavior and words will greatly influence students. She must be honest, brave, confident, which can affect students.

Lastly, a teacher should also help students to set up their goals of life. Failures may accompany with us for long, but how to conquer the difficulties and treat them properly? Don! t always criticize! A teacher should help them overcome the difficulties and step towards the success. A teacher should also encourage students to try their best to achieve their ambitions.

In a word, it is not easy to be a good teacher. Many teachers have devoted themselves to education and have no complaint. They realize that in order to make the country stronger and to make the students successful, they have to burden the duties. It is worthwhile!