How to Improve your English Learning English or another language is a long and difficult process. Nobody can learn a second language in a short time. There are many strategies for improving your skills. Following these steps will help you to make sure that your strategy is effective.

First of all, be patient with yourself. Learning English is a long and complicated process. It does not happen overnight. Everybody does not have the same time and capacity to learn it fast; however, making a schedule about how many hours you have available to study is a good first step. Also, be organized and be clear about what exactly you want to learn first. It does not matter.

If you want to learn reading, listening or speech; however, you have to keep in mind that studying vocabulary will make the path for you easier. Remember to make learning a habit and try to do it every day. Second, watching TV and reading some newspaper could be helpful in improving the English language. For instance, some people do not like to read anything; however, if you look at something that gets your attention and wakes up your curiosity, you try to investigate the meaning about that just for curiosity. This way you are learning and enjoying it at the same time by reading we learn more about vocabulary. Third, practicing speaking English.

Trying to talk with everybody in English is another way to improve your skill. For example, if you go shopping, you have to try to talk in English. The more you talk in English, the faster you learn it. Some people do not like to speak in public because they are fearful about their accent. The fear of talking with another person is the principal barrier or impediment to learning anything. Some people think that to improve their English, they just need to live in a country where the primary language is the English; but if the person studies and follow these steps for improving their skills, in a short time, they will understand and learn the English language.

It does not matter.