One of the most controversial issues facing America is illegal immigration. This is a problem that must be stopped as it hurts America's economy, tax paying citizens and the economies of the country they left. Undocumented immigrants leech off of tax payers, take jobs and housing of hard working citizens, and leave their country of origin without skilled workers and help lead it into poverty. Being undocumented, immigrants do not have pay as many taxes as normal citizens do, such as income tax and social security. Legal American citizens pay taxes to support health care, welfare, public schools and many other social services, many of which, are taken advantage of by illegal immigrants. If a child is born in America, even with illegal parents, it is a registered American citizen, making it the states burden to make sure it gets taken care of adequately.

So your tax dollars are going towards welfare and food stamps for illegal immigrants just because they had a child on American soil. The majority of Americans, since the 1950's have been predominantly a working middle class, who have been accustomed to a middle class lifestyle. With illegal workers fleeing into the country, who are willing to work for less then the average pay for that work, the salaries of legal workers are going down, as employers are getting cheaper labor from undocumented citizens. This is making it harder for American citizens to get good paying jobs.

Illegal immigrants also tend to bring down the standard of living in their communities. The higher illegally immigrated cites on average have 30% longer commuting time, 40% more people living in poverty, 60% more high school dropouts, twice as many violent crimes, twice as many unemployed, more than twice the welfare dependency, and more than seven times as much crowded housing. Illegal immigration not only effects America, but it also hurts the country they are leaving. By leaving their country and coming to America illegally, immigrants are leaving their country, and taking away skilled professionals. This causes a smaller work force and can lead to poverty in smaller communities, which will lead to even more illegal aliens fleeing to America.

Illegal immigration into America is a very serious problem and needs to be addressed as so. They drain America's economy by taking from the system and not returning the favor. They degrade the American quality and style of life. Undocumented citizens are users in our community who contribute nothing other then cheap labor. With this in mind, hopefully in a few years, there will be new policies implemented that will virtually wipe out all illegal immigration, mainly focused on preventing illegal aliens from entering the country and acquiring jobs. Code: Quote:.