Immense Impact On Montag And Mildred's Relationship example essay topic

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Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 is a sign of warning to today's society to look upon the problems for a realistic solution. It was about a society that frowned on curiosity and outlawed books. The story was mainly about Guy Montag who burned books for a living. The mood of this story is set with Montag and his wife, Mildred's, mixed relationship.

They don't agree on anything and never communicate. They are entirely different from one another because of the influence of society. Montag was having what he thought to be great life, until he met Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse was their seventeen-year-old next door neighbor who was raised to ask why and how. When she met Montag, she changed him by making him think about things he never gave thought to before. Clarisse asked Montag if he was truly happy about his life, and when he thought about Clarisse's question, he realized that he really wasn't happy.

Montag brought about that everything in his life was false and that he couldn't trust anyone, so he worked to improve his relationship with his wife. He became interested in books, which made him against the new society. From there on improving his life was what became his first concern. Mildred was an odd woman who was literally "brainwashed" by society. Mildred had no idea what she would do or why she would do it. She once took so many sleeping pills that she almost died, but in the morning denied everything that happened.

She was a pill popping, suicidal snob who was obsessed with material things. Mildred preferred the company of her "parlor-walls" and seashell radios than the company of Montag. The TV walls were called "parlor-walls" and Mildred referred to the people on TV as her "parlor-family". She was with them most of the time and had nothing else to do all day. The society in which they live in used mind-controlling devices to command all the citizens and Mildred was one of them.

This had an immense impact on Montag and Mildred's relationship. Montag and Mildred do not have an ideal relationship. Montag felt as if they did not sleep in the same bed, and at times, she seemed uncomfortable in his presence. This was made clear when Montag says they are like "a winter island separated by an empty sea", (Page 41.) Montag and Mildred almost never communicate with each other. Mildred had a closer relationship with her "parlor-family" than she did with Montag. Montag wished for a more meaningful relationship with Mildred, but he couldn't do it because of the effect the society had on Mildred.

Montag and Mildred had a very perplex relationship because of the society. They are not like any real couple in today's world. They never communicated and were mentally far away from each other. Mildred was being brainwashed by society to watch the "parlor-walls" all day. The society made it so that no one wonders as to why things happen, and this is what caused Montag to analyze his entire life..