A Win-Win Situation The United States is one of the richest, safest, most diverse countries in the world. Americans have rights, freedoms, and liberties that most countries do not. Citizens of this country have many opportunities to work and speak their mind. They also have a right to be happy.

To many American citizens, these rights don't seem very special. Try imagining not living in America. Many of the rights we take for granted would be gone. America should expand immigration because the newcomers shape our country, help the economy, and deserve a fresh start. Hundreds of years ago, the first immigrants entered the United States. Ever since, immigrants have continued to come and make our country the place it is today.

The first immigrant workers settled the U.S. They built railroads, cultivated land, worked in factories, and became ranchers. They set the precedent for many things to come. Immigrants also make the United States the biggest melting pot in the world. No matter where you go, you can always see people of different races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Immigrants add diversity to our country, making it a more interesting place to visit and live. Immigrants who come to the United States to work help the economy of the country.

In March of 2001, millions of immigrants were getting hired. At that time, unemployment dropped from 7.1% to 4.3%. This was the lowest it had been in 30 years. More people had jobs then then they had in a long time. Also, immigrants bring new ideas and job skills to America. Since they come from different countries, they bring their own ways of thinking and work tactics.

Immigrants are very hard workers, and they don't demand high pay. Many immigrants who enter the United States need and deserve to start a new life. The countries from which most immigrants come are not safe places to live. Many of their governments are communists or dictatorships. They are denied basic freedoms and rights. A lot of immigrants are poor and starving.

They have no place to live or work. As it is, many needy immigrants get turned away from the United States. We need to make laws so more immigrants can get approved and join our country for a chance to start a better nice. America is a very special country with a lot we should be willing to share with those in need. Immigrants need to be looked at as people, not a pro or com to out country.

And, as people, they deserve to be happy and safe. They deserve rights, freedoms, and a chance for a new start. We need to open our borders and offer that to them. While they are starting a better life, they are also aiding our country. They boost our economy, add diversity, and form our country. Expanding immigration in American would be a win-win situation..