Although there are many aspects of Cuba that are interesting, Cuba es muy interesante. I chose to focus my report on the relationship between the U. S and Cuba. Cuba and the U.S. haven't had a very good relationship for a very long time. Americans no visit an a la Cuba. Mostly because of the fact that the U. S has a very big influence on Cuba. In terms of the influence, the immigration into the U.S. from Cuba, Immgraci n de Cuba, and the embargo against Cuba.

One of the reasons for the bad relationship between the U.S. and Cuba are the influence that the U. S might have on Cuba. El re laci n entre la Cuba y Los Estados Unidos es muy mal. Fidel Castro the former ruler of Cuba believe that if U. S citizens travel to Cuba they will start to think low of Cuba and their culture. La Cuba tiene un cultura no mal. Fidel Castro recently allowed computers in few hotels, libraries and in homes in Cuba but many U. S sites are restricted. He also allowed cellular phones to be imported from the U. S to Cuban families that have been born or immigrated to the U. S to keep close contact.

Cubanos pueden usa tel " efonos celular es. He also allowed DVD's from America that have been approved. Fidel Castro also believes that the Americans will show the Cubans that living conditions in the U. S are much better than that of Cuba which might urge them emigrate out of Cuba. Ellos quiere n a emigrant. Fidel also believes that Americans that travel to Cuba might show them that the U. S government is better than that of Cuba because of the communistic-like government that exists in Cuba today. Another one of the reasons that there isn't a very good relationship between Cuba and the U. S is because of the immigration into America from Cuba.

When Cubans immigrate to America, once they touch American soil they are allowed to stay in America. No trabajan hasta ellos tienen la carta de verde. But they may not work until they get a green card and apply for American citizenship to be able to work in America and file their taxes. Cubanos necesitan la carta verde. Cubanos necesitan tra bajar en los Estados Unidos. Many Cubans have been deported because of criminal convictions.

The last reason for the bad relationship between the U. S and Cuba is the embargo against Cuba. The embargo against Cuba stopped a few things from happening between the two, No mas entre la dos. for example the embargo stopped the trade of many exports like corn, wheat and fruit into the U.S. The embargo also stopped the traveling from America to Cuba and vice versa. We are the only nation that cannot travel to Cuba, Europe Africa etc. has the ability to travel to Cuba. Another thing that has to do with the embargo against Cuba was the Spanish-American War. When America won the war Cuba was freed and America did not like this seeing at the time America was still a very imperialistic nation. In conclusion, En Conclusio " on, Although there are many aspects of Cuba that are interesting, I chose to focus my report on the relationship with Cuba and the U.S. Cuba and the U. S are not in a very good place because of the influence the U. S has on Cuba, Cuban immigration into America and the Embargo against Cuba due to the Spanish American War..