Although the hardship was seemingly hard to bear, the struggles and tragedies were worth it. America was known as the country of opportunity and hope, it was a chance to be part of a new society. Men and women, young and old, Frenchmen, Germans, Irishmen, Englishmen, Russians, and Jews, every one of them packed up their few belongings and set out for America, the land of freedom. All of these people were together, and not separated by the thick headed minds of kings Queens, Presidents, Politi tions, or Dukes. Immigration to America was a big thing and changed our history. Thousands and thousands of foreigners came to America in search of what they could not find in their countries.

Many immigrants came to America in search for more money, new jobs, freedom, better place to live, and many other reasons. Coming to America was a good and bad thing because many found things they wanted and some didn't. Coming to America, for some, was a good thing. If they were in good medical condition, could read, and write, they most likely were able to move on and become a citizen of The United States. Immigrants came to America because they wanted the same as others, jobs, opportunities, and freedom. Another factor of immigrating to America was that their country was overpopulated.

The boat ride to America was horrible, really poor conditions. After you got through Ellis Island, it was pretty much okay. Some people didn't like the fact of immigrants coming to their country so there were many conflicts involved. Some places had really smelly towns and didn't have enough money to pay for the repairs. Many people came to America in order to provide their family a better future. If you look at our society today it is made of all different cultures.

We are the offspring's of the immigrants, and they are our ancestors. If those thousands of Europeans hadn't risked their lives we might be living in fear. We would be living in fear of racist men turning against our religions or beliefs and putting us into concentration camps of some sort. We are incredibly better of here than another country. In many ways, immigrants were better off in the United States.

Here some could find better jobs, higher paying jobs, homes, and better education for their children. Taking the boat to Ellis Island was a major risk. Many died on the way to America of diseases spread on the boat. You also had to have enough money to get a boat from Ellis Island to New York. Some couldn't find jobs or a home and they didn't get paid enough money, they got diseases or lived in terrible and crowded living conditions. Before coming to America you must know the risks and challenges you might face.

The journey was worth every penny. You could find jobs, there were many different kinds of jobs, it wasn't over populated, and you got your freedom and opportunities. Coming to America for some was like a dream come true. Like in the movie, American Tale, some pictured America as the perfect place to live, but when you got here, America might not have lived up to its expectations.