The objective of the of this essay was to make me a better writer, and I certainly have improved. I have learned what makes an essay good or bad. The things that make it easier to write a good essay. As for evaluating myself and how well I did in this course, has proven to be tricky, as well as figuring what I deserve for a grade. I wish I could easily tell you that I am a literary genius and spend paragraph upon paragraph telling you why I deserve a B+ in this course.

The truth, however, is that this evaluation has been a challenge for me. It is always hard to evaluate yourself; to balance between what you think you deserve and what you really deserve. For sure, I would like an A- in the course; I think I really deserve a B+. But, do I really deserve that grade? So I ask myself some questions. Have I mastered the basic writing skills, have I improved my grammar, have I participated in class which would warrant me receiving a B+ in the course?

I believe the answer is yes. The important part of gaining basic writing skills is clarity, which is also an important part of my essays. The topics of my essays have been clearly stated and prepared. I have begun all my writings with topic sentences and followed them with support.

Without topic sentences, paragraphs do not have structure. Without support, the paragraphs are weak. All of my essays I feel have been well organized, shaped, and creative. Without these my essays would have been difficult to read, and would have lost credibility. I have received all A's on my essays, top grades are difficult to earn, and that is why I believe that I should have a B+ in this course. Secondly, my grammar has steadily improved from the beginning of the year.

While my test grades have been all over the board, I believe that I have mastered the point of proper grammar. I've been exposed, and re-exposed to a language I haven't heard in many years. I have used proper grammar skills, hopefully, in all of my papers, and thus believe that I have done a good job, meriting a strong B+.