To maintain a society in well-being is a hard and essential target to any government. And when governing a nation, the leader always meets the dilemma between overall and individual benefit. I think a nation should put its own overall success on the first place, but also should not look down the well-being of individual citizens. A nation is a union of all people, but not some people.

It is firstly must protect the public benefit. Only a nation defend the majority benefit, can it be cold a democracy nation. And only it can effectively protect public benefit, will people support it. If a nation looks down the overall success, it is doomed the nation's end day is coming soon.

Retrospect the history, no thrived country didn't put its own overall successfully. Take the Tang Dynasty in China for instance. At the beginning of Tang, the King built new water construction, widened river width, and drew many disciplines to help people. The science, technology and art in Tang Dynasty all developed greatly. And it bring China into a thriving time. But at the end the Tang Dynasty, the leader didn't care the public trouble, only thought about living in richness and lavish.

Soon, the Tang Dynasty was overthrow. Of cause, we speak of putting overall success before the individual well-being doesn't mean any government should neglect individual, or even use it as excuse for his failure in protecting individual benefit. After all, any nation is composed by every individual. Only most individual's benefit has been gained, only could call it the overall benefit has won.

And any individual disaffection must has its reason, which is very probably will be the source that will grow the overall rejection power. So any government should also often detect and research the reason of individual's dissatisfaction. It is really not easy for a government to balance the individual and the majority benefit. But these two aspects are not absolutely opposite. The group is composed by every individual, and the group represent all individual also.