Narcotics are all compounds that produce insensibility to external stimuli through depression of the central nervous system. Most narcotics today are extracted from opium poppy. Narcotics investigators investigate, and arrest criminal suspects who are involved with the use, sale, and distribution of illegal drugs. Their work varies from drug raids, obtaining information about suspects, apprehending suspects, and completing paperwork. Narcotics investigations include the use of undercover officers and informants to make controlled purchases of narcotics, serve search warrants and run drug intervention programs. Millions of dollars are recovered each year in narcotics arrests.

This money is used too fund the police department, for rewards, and for drug intervention programs. To become a narcotics investigator a high school diploma is the minimal education needed Police Academy training is also necessary, by state law. To advance in this line of work, college courses are also necessary. Some helpful traits are ability to both think and act quickly, courage and honesty.

Also the ability to deal with a variety of people, the ability to work independently or as part of a team, dedication, and physical strength. The job outlook is steady for the future because of the growing drug problems in our country. The job of border patrol is closely related to narcotics investigators, because they must stop the import and export of narcotics along out country's borders. Work is done primarily at police headquarters. Outside headquarters, investigators go to crime scenes to collect evidence, stay in cars for surveillance details, and meeting with people almost anywhere. The job is very stressful, and it may involve long work hours.

Most importantly, the job can lead to injury or even death. The salary range is from $20,000 to $33,000 per year. This is low pay for such a high-risk job, but some people find the job exciting. Benefit include insurance, and a pension. Some narcotics investigators may become frustrated with the judicial system failures, and lack of public support. The stress and risks might affect relationships.

Many investigators fell most comfortable around other investigators and associates. Also, they must keep a clean record, and participate in activities that reflect positively upon the police department. For more information on narcotics investigators, contact the National Sheriff's Association in Virginia, the Career College Association in Washington D. C, or in other biographies, encyclopedias, or books.