Sports now a days are considered rough by most standards. They resolve these conclusions by number of injuries occuring per year. NFL has approx. 15 injuries per game, some large and some minor injuries.

Coaches and players think the game's being played are perfectly fine its the fans and critics who care about all this nonsense. so ya what is the thought by critics. The sporting world should make new rules to avoid such injuries to the players along with safer equipment. Everyone who actually plays in the sporting world would agree with the making of safer equipment which they are creating and mastering everyday, but about rule changes players beleive that they should stay the same because sports would lose fans and t. vs. contracts. Because the game is how it has always been played.

All i am saying in this essay is about letting the boys play their games and if your one of those people out there who say sports are to rough, then shut up and don't watch. This is a mans game and no little boys aloud so back off and quit complaining. Wow this essay isn't really about much information rather than thought so i don't kong if i would use it unless you are going to hand it in by a personal essay with the facts i have given on injuries per game and what the players think about this. for more information try sportsnet, and nfl. com, for details. And for information on equipment, the main one is helmets to protect conclusions so go to web for more information on that. So have fun writing your article everyone.