Integrated Electronics Costs essay example

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The article talks about the advancements in technology during the earlier years, specifically Integrated Electronics. According to Moore, the future of integrated electronics is the future of electronics itself. But before discussing the breakthroughs that this technology offers, let us define what Integrated Electronics means. Integrated Electronics aims to miniaturize electronics equipment to include increasingly complex electronic functions in limited space with minimum weight.

This means that machines may grow smaller, but its functions will not change, instead, it may improve. As discussed in the article, several approaches has evolved to reach this objective. This includes the micro assembly techniques for individual components, thin-film structures, and semiconductor integrated circuits. The approaches mentioned evolved rapidly and converged, which means that they borrowed techniques from one another. Combination of techniques is how the researchers perceived technology would be because through this, technology would be further enhanced.

Now, why is Integrated Electronics the future of electronics? The article presents several reasons why integrated electronics is an important breakthrough in technology. Cost. Machines employing integrated electronics costs less and performs better than the machines which uses "conventional" electronics. Also, integrated electronics cuts the costs of both manufacture and design. This is the reason why integrated electronics is so attractive.

So, if you are an owner of a firm producing a certain kind of machine, then integrated electronics would be the obvious choice. Not only does it improve your products, it also cuts the cost of production. Improved products with the a price not far from the previous product would definitely attract consumers. Reliability. Integrated Electronics has demonstrated high reliability. It offers reduced systems cost with improved performance.

According to the article, semiconductor integrated circuits will be utilized for most applications. This device is the reasonable candidate for the active elements of integrated circuits. Another device called Passive semiconductor elements are also attractive but they can only be used with too much precision. However, Silicon will remain as the basic material because of the technology that has evolved around it. Also, silicon is abundant and inexpensive as a starting material. Size.

As technology becomes more complex and advanced, they become smaller in size. Ironic, but this is how they saw technology would become. We can imply that this is the result of the convergence of different techniques which, usually, results to a better product. These improvements opens the door to infinite possibilities and further decreases the problems to be worried about. One main problem is the heat problem. As technology improves, sizes of chips gets smaller and the components that comprises it grows in number.

These components generates heat that could destroy the chip. But integrated electronic structures are two dimensional, they have a surface available for cooling close to each center of heat generation. Now why make the structure smaller if you know that it might get destroyed from heat? Well, shrinking dimensions on an integrated structure makes it possible to operate the structure at higher speed for the same power needed.

Well, these are the reasons presented by Moore on why he thought Integrated Electronics would really make a difference, and it did. I guess, that is the most surprising thing about this article. How someone can predict the possibilities that a breakthrough in technology can do. And also, how Integrated Electronics led to so many things that some even exceeded the predictions of Moore 35 years ago.

In the first few paragraphs of the article, stated there are the predictions of Moore. The following predictions are: home computers, terminals connected to a central computer, automatic controls for automobiles, personal portable communications equipment, larger processing units, and more powerful computers. We all know that personal computer nowadays is becoming a household necessity. Thus, realizing Moore' first prediction. As for the terminals connected to a central computer, networking realized this and it even grew to a bigger thing called the Internet. With the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), not only automobiles are capable of operating by itself, also airplanes, space shuttles, and others.

As for the fourth prediction, there are many personal portable communications equipment out there. The fifth and sixth are related and there's no need to give examples of their realization because computers today are becoming more and more powerful..