The internet has been around several years. A decade ago it was only used for certain situations. This new technology has changed many people lives. Back then the internet was used to find information on gaining intelligence from foreign countries. When the United States were at war they used this technology to help them in battles and training. Now this technology is presented to the public.

In libraries and schools are programs to build skills on how to search for information. Thru the internet job websites are helpful to look for jobs. There are many other things useful to use the internet. Everyone should have a computer to use the internet. Technology is so fundamental. In today's technology we can communicate with other people all over the world.

By using certain chat-line web sties you can speak to someone thru the Internet. The person in the United States. The great advantage is no long distance charge in using this type of communication. Internet service providers only charge a monthly fee to gain access on line. My experience with the internet is great. I love looking for new information everyday.

Most of all i go to search engines and type a certain topic, and it just give's all these different information about the topic. The chat websites are great. There is a website called black planet i meet some many different girls of that line. Basically you let the internet help you into finding out what interest you. I wish i could make internet access free but thats another topic.