Research Statement: The conflicts between Mid-east and America are always debatable during the past decades. Among these conflicts, the conflicts between U. S and Iraq have already become the urgent ones due to the recent events- like oil issue, terrorists' attacks and nuclear weapons. The war to Iraq is walking to the common American people. The Bush Administration is planning to have another war to Iraq regardless strong waves of antiwar / peace movement in whole nation. As American citizens, we can't put ourselves outside the story. Our group topic is Iraq.

We will choose some aspects about Iraq we think important to discuss. They are including its religions, history, Iraq people and their President- Saddam Hussein and the weapon issues. We all think it is very important and necessary to know the background of Iraq country before we come to the war issue. It will give us the second thoughts and better knowledge if we want to have fair and rational standards. I choose the Iraq People and their president as my subtopic.

Research Question: I choose the Iraq People and their president as my subtopic, because a lot of people like me are eager to know what is the true relationship between the Saddam Hussein administration and their people. Do the real Iraq people support the war? Do they love their President? Saddam Hussein is the real dictator, as we know in American Media? If he is a cruel dictator, what his people think about him? I will do the research about background about Hussein too.

Is his background the reason generating the supporting from the people? What the Iraq people think? Do they like the war or do they like another president govern this country? What did Saddam Hussein do in order to control his people in the past decades? By what ways? The Iraq people like him or hate him?

Does the American government or medias cheat us if the fact is opposite? Purpose of the Research: Knowing the real Iraq people and their thoughts is really helping us to know the true of the war. If the fact is Iraq people are suffering by the cruel control under Saddam and they like to have another government, we have to believe in the some reasons of the war by Bush regardless other motives. I think it is very important to know what the Iraq people want and what they think before the war starts. On the other hand, knowing the background of Saddam can make us have better understanding if he is a real evil just like Bush said and Bush is using it as an excuse to declare the war with Iraq.

In general, before we come to any individual opinions or criticize, we'd always better know the true behind the story.