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This is a "A" paper or so at leads my teacher thought and I am in 9th grade so if you are a 10th or lower grader this will be a good paper to turn in I give you my fullest permission to use this report how you want it is all information put in my words so it wont be illegal. This is stuff I have learned from teachers over the years so use it as notes or your paper I don't Care. Imagine you are back in 1666 and no one knows about the concept of gravity. Imagine no knows about force or even much about light and color. Well Sir Isaac Newton figured and researched a lot of these topics. Isaac was very smart and had an open mind.

In this report I am going to mainly talk about how Isaac figured out the concept of gravity. The other topic I will include is a little about his life. Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day, 1642 in the small village f Woolsthrope in Lincoln shrine, England. He was born pre maturely and was not excepted to live for more the a few hours. Robert, his father never knew his son because he died three months before he was born.

Isaacs mom remarried and left Isaac, his grandparents then brought him up for the next ten years. He was sent first to the local day school and then, when he was twelve, to the Kings School in Grantham, about six miles away. Very little is known about him and his time at school, except that he was not at first a very good scholar. However, he soon developed into the schools best student. He kept to himself mostly and did not make friends with his classmates. In 1656 Isaacs mother became a widow again when the Reverend Smith died.

When his mother came back he was taken out of school and put to work on the farm. But he did not make a good farmer; he spent too much time thinking about mathematics and forgot his duties. After a while Isaacs uncle persuaded his mother to send her son back to school to prepare himself for collage. Isaac did not have enough of mone to pay for collage and food so he enrolled as a sub sizar. This meant that he had to wait on his tutor to pay his way through collage.

Newton died in London on March 31, 1727, having single handily completed the scientific revolution and model much of the content and the image of modern science. In 1666 while watching an apple fall from a tree in his garden is when he first discovered gravitation. His great insight of 1666 was to imagine that the earths gravity extended to the moon, counter balancing its centrifugal force. From his early age it has seemed that he has kept all of his writings, including his notebooks which helped scientist understand what he was thinking and how his ideas changed as he got older. In one of his note books it said that he devised gravitation to explain the mutual attraction experienced by a body of matter, such as an apple dropping to earth when the tree lets go.

Isaac determined that the same force that pulled the apple down was the same force that keeps the planets in orbit. On sunny afternoons, Isaac liked to sit in the shade of his favorite apple tree in the orchard not far from the manor farm and think about questions about light, the solar system, gravity and more. He probably was a better thinker in this spot because it is the first place he thought about the gravity theory. Isaac Newton felt intuitively that there mist be a gravitation pull / force between the sun and the planets, and that the strengths of this attractive force must decrease with the distance As you can see by the above information Isaac was a brilliant man indeed. In fact we use much of his work today. One example is using Newtons law of gravity, we can determine the force that the earth exerts on the moon.

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