i am writting a paper and have this much so far, Abortion is on one of the most controversial issues around and is and issue that will never be agreed upon. To me every woman in America has the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies and that's why I'm pro-choice meaning I do believe in surgical use of abortions. The issue of abortion, perhaps more than any other ethical issue, divides all of American society. In 1973, the supreme courts decision made it possible for women to get safe legal abortions in all 50 states. In order to have the procedure done it had to be by well trained medical surgeons, and there for led to dramatic decreases after all of this there are still proposals to try and close these clinics. To me this would take away the privacy rights of American women that have been given to us by the American constitution.

From what I have read and learned pro-life activist claim that the unborn baby has feelings and its technically alive after the heart begins to beat. But, your heart usually begins to start actually beating after 18 days after the egg is fertilized. Women have also been called murders by pro-life activist. But, by keeping abortion clinics open women could have an abortion by the 25th day and not me true murders under the pro-life activist guidelines.

Also the woman would be getting rid of the baby before any sort of pcshyigal attachment happens. If the woman were to have an abortion later on it could affect her mentally.