Proposal Animal Rights Justin Kubisiak Proposal Paper Eng. Comp. Fri. Nov. 13, 1998 Animal Rights Where do you stand on the mistreatment of animals? Are you completel against hurting animals, so much so that you would not wear a fur coat nor eat meat Or do you fall on the other end of the spectrum, where animals are only objects, thahold no rational thoughts? Everyone stands somewhere between these two extremes that is what makes animal rights so controversial.

There are so many ideas to what should be stated in animals rights, even if they should be considered at all. I'm going to address the issue on the right for animals to more rights. I am your "average' American. I like a good steak, and have no problem with mice being used to benefit the furtherance of mankind. I see the problem lying within those of the population who own pets. I am disturbed by those people that torture their pets; the persons that take their anger and channel it negatively towards another living creature.

Is it alright to beat a woman or a child? No. It is not acceptable. So why is it allowed to happen to pets.

It happens because pets do not have a voice. They do not have a voice to stand up and say,' Hey! This isn't right, and I will not tolerate it anymore!' There are no support groups for battered dogs. It may sound ridiculous, but someone needs to help them.

We need legislation to pass stricter laws to protect the rights of animals. Those who violate animal rights should being sentenced to larger fines and even jail time. Therapy should be assessed to those who are caught degrading animals. Anyone who hurts an animal with no guilty conscious is demented in some way, shape, or form Studies have shown that most serial killers just didn't jump the band wagon to killing They usually started off torturing and killing small animals and pets.

The only solutio is harsher punishment, because nothing has worked so far. We must even try th extremes of our justice system if we want to see results. Our society has tried other methods to no avail. This is a problem that is happening literally right in backyards, and we ignore it.

Are we trying to "sweep it under the carpet'? Is this issue too bitter for some of us to deal with? Well, I think we need to suck it up and step forward. We need to protect the rights of "man's best friend. ' Justin Kubisiak Proposal Paper Eng. Comp.

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