Revenge A Cause for Murder Is revenge a reasonable cause for murder Medea gives her whole soul and life to the devotion of the man she loves so dearly only to be betrayed by him. Come, flame of the sky, Pierce through my head! What do I gain from living any longer Oh, how I hate living! I want to end my life, leave it behind, and die. P. 840 Her pain was so great that her life no longer meant anything to her. She was obsessed with the hurt and badly wanted to inflect this horrible pain on the man she had once loved so dearly. O Zeus!

O Justice, daughter of Zeus! O glorious Sun! Now I am on the road to victory; now there's hope! I shall see my enemies punished as they deserve. P. 854 Is it fair that this man, Jason, continues on life happily with a beautiful princess while Medea suffers in such great pain No, it was not right that Jason betrayed his devoted wife in hopes to find pleasure elsewhere. He vowed in marriage to be devoted to Medea yet he chose to break that vow for a beautiful princess.

Did he think about the consequences that could possibly follow when he chose to break this sacred vow I very much doubt it, for he was seeking after life's earthly pleasures. He uses the excuse that he was doing this to make a better life for Medea. It's not for the sake of any woman that I have made this royal marriage, but, as I ve already said, to ensure your future, and to give my children brothers of royal blood, and build security for us all. P. 849 It is human nature to try to justify our wrong so we don t have to admit our faults. Is Medea justified in destroying Jason's life since he chose to destroy hers Medea feels that revenge is a viable solution to solving her problems. She would be willing to do the unthinkable, murder, in hopes to inflect great pain and sorrow on Jason, her once beloved husband. She knew if she killed him, the pain would only be for a fleeting moment.

However, if she forced him to live and killed the one he loved, the pain would be eternal. Would revenge consume her to the point she would be willing to kill her own children Is it possible that revenge could turn a person into a savage killer Yes, Medea lost all power of reasoning for the sake of her quest for revenge. She fulfilled her goal of forcing great pain and suffering which would haunt Jason for the rest of his life. You abomination!

Of all women most detested by every god, by me, by the whole human race! You could endure a mother! -To lift sword against your own little ones; to leave me childless, my life wrecked. After such murder do you outface both Sun and Earth- Guilty of gross pollution May the gods blast your life! P. 867 Did Medea find happiness in achieving her quest to destroy Jason Can revenge bring a source of satisfaction to such a horrifying crime No, a mother couldn t find happiness with the blood of her children on her hands. She had to have been insane to become such a savage beast.

No, revenge is not a reasonable cause for murder! Even though Medea was greatly hurt by the choice of her husband, there is no justification in taking the innocent blood of so many others. Revenge is an evil power that will destroy one's self and those innocent people around you. Medea has showed us the destroying power of revenge. We need to learn from this horrifying play the importance of rising above revenge and learn to forgive.