The character Jessica Wakefield in "Sweet Valley High" Revised by: Jessica Ar redondo Jessica Wakefield in Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High series is like no other ordinary girl. She is a beautiful, bright, get out of my way sixteen-year-old girl growing up in modern day Northern California. Jessica is very interesting because she is a cutting edge trendsetter like Gwen Stefani and Jessica does not take unreasonable orders or let herself be controlled by anyone because she is independent like Katie Boss. Jessica makes up one half of the wakefield identical twins, yet Jessica and her sister are a contrast in personalities.

Whereas Elizabeth is she and studious, Jessica is self centered and often reckless. Never thinking before acting, Jessica finds, herself in many compromising situations as she races through a teens many misadventures, letting no one stand in her way. Self-centered to the core, Jessica feels that school and social functions do not truly begin until she arrives, proving her own theory by never wearing a watch and always showing up late. Jessica is like every other teen girls: She is totally self centered to the core. While on the phone, Jessica often accidentally "reminds the person on the other line, that school and other social functions do not truly begin without her, by simply adding it whenever talking about the subject. Jessica will do anything to acquire what she wants which includes a variety of choices that enable her to get what she desires.

Some of the things, or choices, she makes give people certain impressions like when she often admits she is going to win every kind of competition, or that she will lie, cheat and deceive her way into getting what she wants. This also means that in a way she does not give up easily without an action or say in things. Jessica is a very independent girl who does not let anyone push or boss her around. Jessica also doesn't give up easily, because when Jessica sets her mind on something, it's set for good.

Before Jessica ever was teen, when was a child and that child was very self confident in whatever she did. As a child, Jessica tried a great selection of things to be done, for instants surfing and being a junior prom queen. Jessica trained all summer to accomplish the two new things, luckily Jessica accomplished one of them, being a junior prom queen but in surfing she got manipulated by a boy, for once. As independent as Jessica's is she still has a way of getting what she wants, manipulation. Before Jessica turned sixteen she showed three examples of manipulation: Convincing acting, and persuading. First she convinced a boy she was royalty by acting elegant so he would pay for everything ever time they went out.

Second, she pretended to be one of the "Preps" so she could make friends with the richest girl in school so that Jessica could expand her own wardrobe. The third and final example is when Jessica makes a boy fall in love with her because she wants to win a silly bet. Now that you " ve heard all about Jessica Wakefield and some of her misleading adventures, you can read this uniquely adventurous teen book series. Jessica is a very un fictional character because she has so many life-like traits and qualities rather than just the normal character status. Jessica always has time to make fun of anybody; she manipulates people, constantly tells herself never to give up and still has time to be completely self centered. The more you read it the more you " ll keep wanting to continue turning the page.

This is one teen book series you definitely don't want to miss.