Due to the massive terrorist attacks against The World Trade Center, many Muslims and Arab Americans are being persecuted. Jerry Falwell's speech discusses the root of the hatred. He believes it stems from the permissive groups. This fact in itself is ironic because one would think that these groups would know more than anyone the feeling of resentment. In a desperate attempt to place blame, these innocent people are feeling the pressure of resentment. Just because of their race small children are being harassed at school, and senior citizens are being run down in parking lots.

These unwarranted acts of violence are a strong indication of the ignorance plaguing our society. However, this is nothing new, racial prejudice and stereotypes have been present for many years. One of the most tragic displays of hatred was the treatment of the Jews during World War II. Before the start of the war Germany was in a serious economic slump and in need of a strong leader; Adolph Hitler was the answer.

He gained the trust of the German people and made them feel safe. He was also able to manipulate their thoughts, and to brainwash them into thinking that they were of a superior race. He persuaded the Germans to join him in blaming the Jews for all of their countries problems. The result of this was devastating. Millions of innocent Jewish lives were lost. Outside of the blatant massacre of the Jewish population was the mistreatment they endured prior to their death.

Elie Wiesel, the author of the book Night, felt the racial oppression first hand. He was one of the few survivors of the concentration camps, which were set up ultimately to exterminate the Jewish race. He would probably sympathize with the Muslim / Arab minorities of the present who are feeling the retaliation for something they are not remotely responsible for just because they are of a certain ethnic group. The similarities between the Holocaust and the acts of violence aimed at the innocent Muslims and Arabs today is scary.

It puts hatred in perspective. Hatred is something ugly that can occur in an instant and last forever. One would hope that we would learn from the mistakes of the past rather than repeating them. Every human being should be treated with respect and should be held accountable for their actions only, not the actions of their race.