I've lost count of how many times I've asked my parents for money for the movies or for the mall. Usually, they tell me to get a job or to be more responsible with the things I already have. The same thing is true for teens my age all around the world. What's the solution, you may ask? One word, jobs.

What would happen if the legal working age was changed from the average 16 years old to 13 years old? Jobs won't only support teens for the things they want, but it can help benefit for the things they need. The first things teens think of for their future are going to college and getting their first car. But, let's say there's a well educated thirteen-year-old, raised in a low-income family, who has plans on going to college. There's no way their family can support him to go to college, and its funds could be over-whelming.

The only way they could go to college is if they started saving at an early age. Therefore, if they got a job at the age they were at now, they'd be on their way to college by the time they graduate high school. Or, another example would be, if a teen wanted to get their first car on their sixteenth birthday. As you may know, many teens don't get things handed to them on a silver platter, so they'd have to buy that car themselves.

They might be old enough to drive, but they just turned the legal working age. Once they get a job, they'd have to wait at least a year to have enough money for the car as well as its insurance. Getting a job at an early age is like studying for a test. Would you take a test if you were unprepared? I didn't think so. Having a part-time job at a young age, helps teens get ready for their careers as they get older.

Jobs will also give adolescents more responsibility and respect, which they will use and depend on a great deal as adults. That sounds great, doesn't it? Teens having more -respect for themselves as well as others would keep them out of trouble. Hey, that's another point! If adolescents spent more time focusing on benefiting their future, fewer teens will be getting into trouble.

Think of it, if you had homework to complete and a job to go to, would you be thinking about going out of your way just to get in trouble with the risk of getting caught? I can't count how many teens I know who don't feel comfortable around other people. A lot of them get nervous when someone starts talking to them because, maybe, they " re not around people who they are familiar with. By getting a job when they are younger, they can have a chance to be around people more like them, and they'd develop people skills because of their added confidence. This added confidence could help them succeed in many of life's challenges that require them to speak their minds about their opinions and feelings. Therefore, jobs at an early age can help build confidence and make more friends.

And who wouldn't want more friends? The rewards for getting a job at an early age are endless! Whether it be making more friends, or building confidence; from learning the values of responsibility to saving up for college, one thing's for certain. Moving the working age from the average sixteen years to thirteen, is a sure-fire way to boost teens' motivation as well as teaching them moral values. So why don't you help me change this?