A professional athlete is one of the biggest role models in this day and time. All of his or her accomplishments has given them the lifestyle that they have always wanted. A professional athlete now has the money and fame he or she has always dreamed of having. In the past couple of years, more and more athletes seem to be getting in trouble with the law. Drugs are becoming more easier and cheaper to get than ever before. More athletes are taking supplements to enhance their athletic ability.

People always hear rumors about athletes taking drugs to enhance their abilities. All athletes should have to take mandatory drug test every year to keep the playing field safe and fair for all athletes. Whether an athlete likes it or not, he or she is a role model. All age groups, young and old, look at an athletes lifestyle and wish to have that one day. Kids look up to an athlete probably more than any other profession. When kids see their favorite athlete on television, he or she acts like that athlete at home.

If that kids favorite athlete is seen on television being arrested because of drugs, then what is that kid going to think when he or she is put in that situation. If a child sees his or her favorite athlete around drugs that kid might think it is cool to do drugs. Jones 2 More athletes these days are taking supplements to enhance their performance on the field. If you compare today's athletes to fifty years ago, the size and strength difference would be easy to see.

The strength and size of today's athlete is unbelievable. More and more athletes are using supplements to help them reach that size and strength. Some players have had to pay a price from these supplements. A lot of players have died due to some ingredients found in these supplements. A lot of these supplements haven't been researched enough to be completely safe.

Should a professional athlete be all natural? Is it fair to someone who works hard all of their life naturally, and finally achieves their goal in a sport. Then, someone else works hard and takes drugs for a couple of months and reach that same goal that took the other person years to achieve. In the past couple of decades more and more athletes have been caught and charged with illegal drugs. An athlete is now making more money than he or she has ever made before. Drugs and sex are always attracted to money.

Some athletes feel that they can do these drugs and get away with it because of their status. Most people think that a star player getting caught with drugs is ludicrous (Canepa). Only a few athletes have been caught with these drugs. Everyone knows that drugs are around these athletes because of the way most athletes live. Most players will go out and party after a game, instead of resting (Samuels 94). The owners of athletic teams don't want mandatory drug testing because most of their athletes would be punished.

More and more athletes are getting Jones 3 caught because of their lifestyle. Just because an athlete makes a lot of money and has a lot of fame doesn't mean they should get away with drug abuse. People can tell that some of today's athletes are on illegal substances. The one and only reason the professional leagues will not pass a mandatory drug test is because they are afraid of losing money. Most owners say that testing is an expensive waste of time (Canepa). Without their athletes they will not be able to win.

Instead of having a clean and fair system, owners would rather sit back and make millions off of these athletes. Not all athletes are on drugs. There are still some of the all natural athletes that earn every penny of what they make, and are great role models to children..